Hope Uzodinma Walking The Talk
Hope Uzodinma Walking The Talk
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The publisher of Whitepaper NEWSPAPER in Owerri and the Special Adviser to Senator Rochas Okorocha, Sam Onwuemedo has called on his Excellency Senator Hope Uzodinma to embrace peace and unite Imo Political class.

He alleged that while the governor was
addressing traditional rulers in the State, last Thursday, the Imo Governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma, had somewhat upset patriotic Imo Citizens, earnestly desiring and praying unwaveringly, to see the end of the Precarious Security situation, that has eclipsed the State, for some time now.


He quoted the Imo Governor as stated:

“I can assure you that, the opposition party and some aggrieved members of our party, who are hiring boys from neighbouring States, to come in here, allow me, leave them for me, I will deal with them.

“Those who threatened that they would make Imo ungovernable, they would be ungovernable themselves”. And the video with these threats, had gone viral and even to places the governor might not have imagined.

However, CPS ONWUEMEDO hinted that it was this kind of speech, that had made the Imo PDP, to ask the governor to explain what he knew about the fate that had befallen its youth leader, few days ago.

He futher stated that since the governor had sworn to deal with the opposition and some aggrieved members of his own party, the implication is that, whatever happens to anybody in these categories, would now be credited or attributed to him. That’s not a good one. The threats were uncalled for and unexpected of the governor, who is now the father of the State.

“Any Imo man or woman, who has not been worried or disturbed, over the ugly happenings in the State, since April, must have come from another planet. And one had expected the governor to begin to act and speak in a manner that could help, to restore peace in our dear state. Ask me, the governor has not helped the situation, with his speeches. And the two letters, from Archbishop Anthony Obinna, of the Owerri Catholic Archdiocese and Most Rev. Dr. David Onuoha, Archbishop of Owerri Ecclesiastical Province of the Anglican Communion, to the governor, weekend, on the security situation in the State, would have made the governor know that, much is expected from him, with regard to taking Imo back to the peace lane.

Hope Uzodinma Walking The Talk
Hope Uzodinma Walking The Talk

The two Bishops had remarked that, Imo was bleeding and asked the governor to convene a ceasefire meeting. Does it not bother the governor that, this is happening in his time, as the Chief Security officer of the State? How is he going to deal with those he had referred to, as opposition party and some aggrieved members of his party? His Excellency should have known that, being governor does not make him God. And God has the final say, in the affairs of men and women and not him.

He maintained that he has always advised against people threatening to deal with others, especially unjustly. Reason being that, there are people you deal with, God would begin to deal with you, your generation and generations yet unborn. It becomes a generational palaver. We must understand some of these things.

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In his words, “lways threatening fire and brimstone isn’t the best. Leaders do not talk to kill or destroy, but to build, because posterity and history would judge them, before the ultimate judgement, by the maker of Heaven and Earth and everything therein”

He also stated that after the attacks on Imo Prisons and Police Headquarters, the governor spoke in a manner that didn’t help the situation. The governor first said, it was IPOB elements who were behind the attacks. He later said it was hired hoodlums, most of them, not Imo people. Two days after, they said it was Rochas Okorocha. Again, they said it was disgruntled or opposition politicians. That was even, after the Inspector-General of Police then, had said that it was IPOB people. Since then, the governor has Continued to talk about the Opposition and aggrieved politicians in the State. Ahmed Gulak was killed, the governor said it was Political assassination. The police said, a different thing.

As it concerns Gulak death in Owerri, Onwuemedo said the worry of all these talks about the opposition and aggrieved politicians as accused by the governor is that none of them has been arrested or questioned or arraigned or detained for any of these attacks. It was the governor who also informed that, more than four hundred (400) people had been arrested and detained over the Imo attacks. And out of these 400, Seventy percent of them, were not Igbo. But the names of the One Hundred and Six (106) young men, arraigned before a Magistrate Court recently and remanded in prison custody, were all Igbo.

He also alleged that the governor had also promised to make public these aggrieved politicians behind these unfortunate attacks, in April. But uptil now, neither the governor nor the Security agencies had made the names or identities of these aggrieved or opposition politicians public, as promised. The delay has also made people to begin to reason that, the governor might have continued to use such claims, to scare away politicians or blackmail them.

In addition, he had maintained that the nature of these attacks, has made it diametrically impossible for people to believe that aggrieved politicians or the opposition politicians could be responsible. People are yet to buy into these allegations. And the failure or refusal of the security agencies to be on the same page with the Imo governor over these claims, means a lot. It means that the governor has been alone, with regard to his repeated claims of the opposition and aggrieved politicians, being behind the Imo attacks. Even confessions from some of the apprehended gunmen, had not supported the governor’s claims. Rather, they had been in the Contrary.

“The governor should be keen in governing a peaceful State. He will be the ultimate beneficiary. And leveraging on the governor’s disturbing claims, his people have Continued to mention names of some of the key politicians in the state, as those aggrieved or opposition politicians. Making unfounded innuendos and insinuations. And that is not healthy for Imo and its Politics. The governor seems to be the one heightening the tension in the State, with all these claims and threats.

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None of the politicians in Imo has immunity. It is only the governor that has “man-made” immunity, which will elapse in 2024 or in 2028, as the case be. But it is a matter of years. Only men like yours sincerely, enjoy eternal or divine immunity, which comes from above.

Odi-eshi. God-given immunity. The governor should have, by now, supplied security agencies with the names of these aggrieved and opposition politicians he has been talking about, for the needed actions. If they actually exist. He should handover their names to security agencies, with the proofs in his possession and then look for ways to restore peace in the State. And ensure the protection or safety of lives and properties. The governor should stop threatening. Such threats have not been helpful. If after arresting and detaining more than four hundred (400) people and the problem is still prevalent or lingering, it means that, clampdown, arrest, arraignment, detention or imprisonment or threats, may not be the panacea. In other words, the governor has to change style. He must begin to be humble about his approach. Walk the walk. Assemble all the political leaders across board, religious leaders, etc, to brainstorm on the way forward.

CPS ONWUEMEDO had earlier adviced the governor to begin the restoration of peace crusade.

In his words, “The two Archbishops I had earlier mentioned, had told him what to do. He should begin to do that, since they do not belong to either the opposition party or among the aggrieved politicians”

“On the issue of Ahmed Gulak, those who like watching Van Dame or the COMMANDO movies, won’t find it easy, getting the right picture of what transpired in Imo in 2019, with regard to the APC gubernatorial Primary. Only those who like watching James Bond (007), would understand better.

“First, Ahmed Gulak didn’t deny Uche Nwosu the APC guber ticket. He was not in a Position to do so. He didn’t have that capacity. Months before the APC Primaries, Alhaji Gulak and Governor Uzodinma had belonged to Alhaji Modu Sheriff faction of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. Before their having anything to do with the APC, the game or plot to stop Nwosu, had been on, by a Cabal. A very strong Cabal, with Adams Oshiomhole, on the driver’s Seat. And the other guys, on the owners’ seat.

“Before Uzodinma and Gulak, the Cabal had begun to use some senior aides or appointees of Rochas Okorocha. Promising each of them, the guber ticket of the APC. That was the reason, all of them wanted to be governor. The Cabal was so smart or crafty that, at any given stage or time, they knew the best people to use or engage.

“After using Okorocha’s Political sons and appointees to create the needed division in his political family, they dropped them. Then the Uzodinma story. Gulak was sent as the Chairman of the twelve-member Committee, for the APC 2019 governorship primary in Imo. They arrived late on Monday, October 1, 2018. He announced that the primary would then take place the next day, being Tuesday, October 2, 2018. By 4am that Tuesday, he left for Abuja. And few hours after, he announced Senator Uzodinma, the winner of the primary.

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“The National Chairman of the Party then, Oshiomhole, announced the disbandment of the Committee. And on his own too, cancelled what Gulak submitted to him as the result of the Primary and said it was “fake”.

“Aside Oshiomhole’s actions, eleven (11) members, out of the twelve, stayed behind and went ahead with the primary election, in which Uche Nwosu won. The eleven members all signed the result sheet, with the Secretary of the Committee, Hon. Henry Idahagbon. The same Oshiomhole who cancelled what Gulak brought and also announced the disbandment of the Committee, later accepted the same result. The ball was in Oshiomhole’s Court.

“In that situation, would you have blamed Gulak? The answer is no. It was not Gulak’s game. It was not Uzodinma’s game. What would have Gulak done, if Oshiomhole had enforced the cancellation and disbandment of the Committee, as he announced? Nothing. It was Oshiomhole’s game. And Okorocha’s Rescue Mission Political family, had seen it that way. It was a Cabal enterprise or Deal. The truth of the matter was that, Gulak or Uzodinma at that time, had no Power to decide who got what or who didn’t get what, in APC. The Cabal was on a journey. A journey to stop Nwosu. And they were very meticulous or articulate in that journey. Living no stone unturned, at any given stage.

He added that, those who kill or those who take other people’s lives, directly or indirectly, do so, out of acute ignorance or lack of knowledge in things of God. If such people know the attendant or Corresponding implications of killing someone, they won’t do so. They do not know. They need to be taught. It’s a generational issue. God said “thou shall not kill” (Exodus 20:13). No proviso.

Citing reference, he said Ahab and wife, Jezebel, killed Naboth over his Vineyard. And God told Ahab “In the place where dogs licked the blood of Naboth, shall dogs lick thy blood. Behold, I will bring evil upon thee. And will make thine house like the house of Jeroboam, son of Nebat. The dogs shall eat Jezebel by the wall of Jezreel” (1 Kings 21:9-23).
God told Cain who killed Abel “And now, art thou cursed from the earth. A fugitive and a vagabond, shalt thou be in the earth”. (Genesis 4:9-12).

David, killed Uriah through proxy, because of the wife, Bathsheba. And God told David “Now therefore, the sword shall never depart from thine house. I will raise up evil against thee out of thine own house” (2 Samuel 11:10-12).

Onwuemedo has in his sincerity asked those who have ears to hear what the Spirit of God is telling the Church of Jesus Christ while the people will continue to Clap for Jesus.

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