Shocking: NBC Orders Radio and TV Stations To Stop Reporting ‘Details’ of Herdsmen Attacks

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The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has directed broadcast stations in Nigeria to stop reporting the details of attacks by Fulani herdsmen, bandits, and insurgents

“Headlines of most Newspapers daily are replete with security topics,” NBC director of broadcast monitoring Francisca Aiyetan said in a letter to broadcast stations.

NBC urged broadcast stations to be guided by provisions of sections 5.4.1(f) and 5.4.3 of the NBC Code which states that “the broadcaster shall not transmit divisive materials that may threaten or compromise the divisibility and indissolubility of Nigeria as a sovereign state.

“The commission, therefore, enjoins broadcasters to collaborate with the government in dealing with the security challenges.

“Not giving details of either the security issues or victims of these security challenges so as not to jeopardize the efforts of the Nigerian soldiers and other security agents.”

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