SSS Security Alert: NDF’s Abuja Office Raises Concerns.

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The attention of The Asiwaju Group (TAG) has been drawn to the recent press release of a shadowy group named Nigeria Diaspora Forum (NDF) announcing the opening of a Nigerian office in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city and the appointment of Hon Chike Amadichi as country director. The press release was signed by Dr Joachin Okafor, who claims to be the Chairman of NDF and resides in the United States of America. While TAG acknowledges the stated goal of supporting Nigerians in the Diaspora, we have grave concerns about NDF’s clandestine political and security operations, origins, likely treasonable activities, and potential impact.

These concerns merit urgent scrutiny by Nigeria’s State Security Service (SSS) and public attention. We call for an immediate security raid of NDF’s home office at Kano House Complex, Plot 72 Ralph Shodeinde Street, Central Business District, Abuja, Nigeria and interrogation of its members.

Transparency and Trust

The lack of transparency surrounding NDF’s background and shady sponsors is at the forefront of our concerns. This lack of clarity casts a shadow over the organisation’s true intentions. It raises questions about potential affiliations with individuals and groups whose aims do not align with the collective interests of Nigerians. It is imperative for organisations seeking to represent the Diaspora to operate with openness and accountability, as trust is the cornerstone of any genuine effort to serve the nation.

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Question of Legal Authority

The NDF’s assertion of engagement with embassies and high commissions on behalf of Nigerians in the Diaspora is a matter of serious concern. Nigeria has established institutions – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, led by a capable minister, H. E. Amb. Yusuf Maitama Tuggar, OON, with embassies worldwide and the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM), are legally mandated to represent and advocate for our Nigerian citizens abroad. Engaging with foreign missions without proper authorisation risks undermining the credibility and effectiveness of these existing structures. It’s crucial to respect the legal framework that safeguards the rights and welfare of Nigerians in the Diaspora.

Duplication of Efforts and Potential Disruption

The NDF’s presence risks creating unnecessary duplication of efforts and potential confusion among the Nigerian Diaspora population, even if its intentions are genuine. The existence of multiple potentially competing organisations claiming to represent Nigerians abroad could lead to fragmented efforts and diminish the impact of genuine initiatives aimed at supporting the Diaspora community. Collaboration, not competition, should be the guiding principle in strengthening ties with our citizens abroad.

Alleged Links and Suspicions

We cannot overlook the reported links between the NDF and individuals associated with groups that have actively sought to undermine Nigeria’s unity and stability. There are concerns that NDF’s pro bono services may be a trojan gift with links to questionable individuals, including Ekpa Simon Njoku, a self-styled prime minister who claims to have set up a laughable biafra government in exile (Finland) and using covert agents to open offices across the globe to deceive unsuspecting citizens. These allegations, if proven true, would seriously threaten national security and the well-being of Nigerians within and beyond our borders. Thorough scrutiny by the Nigerian security services is necessary to dispel doubts and ensure the integrity of organisations operating within this sensitive domain.

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Call for Caution and Vigilance

We urge Nigerians in the Diaspora to exercise caution and vigilance regarding NDF’s activities. It is crucial to remember that the Nigerian High Commissions globally and NIDCOM offices in Nigeria are the officially recognised channels for support and representation. Engaging with unauthorised groups could inadvertently expose individuals to risks and potentially compromise their rights and interests.

A Path Forward

While we appreciate the NDF’s stated commitment to the Diaspora, we believe genuine progress can only be achieved through transparency, adherence to legal frameworks, and constructive collaboration with recognised institutions. We encourage the NDF to prioritise transparency in its operations, engage with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nigeria and other relevant bodies within the established legal framework, and prioritise the genuine well-being of Nigerians abroad above any narrow interests.

TAG Advocates Unity and Vigilance

Protecting the interests of Nigerians, both within and beyond our borders, demands unity and strict vigilance. We must remain resolute in upholding the rule of law, embracing transparency, and fostering collaboration among those who genuinely seek to uplift the Nigerian Diaspora. The Asiwaju Group (TAG) remains committed to safeguarding all Nigerians’ unity, progress, and well-being at home and abroad.

Abuja Media Office
The Asiwaju Group (TAG)
2nd January 2024.

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