Statistics: To Win The Forthcoming Election, Twenty Five (25%) Percent Voting Spread Is Sacrosanct- Presidential Candidates Told

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From Princely Onyenwe

INEC: The election Umpire in Nigeria has again warned the presidential candidates to keep to the rules of the forthcoming Election. Voters across the states of Nigeria are expected to comply with the schedules of the 2023 general Elections.

The warning is coming few weeks from the election date where all the candidates of various Political parties are reminded of the basis of winning the election.

The basis of the presidential election winning is encapsulated in the laws of the INEC made available to all Nigerian electorates.

Elections laws are made open in the public space for easy accessibility and readership. There is no doubt, the candidates have taken note of this while spreading their Election nets to sensitize their followership across boards.

This News will definitely recall the minds of every presidential candidate vying for Election in the forthcoming 2023 polls to as a matter of facts be abreast of the basics of winning the election.

The basis of becoming victorious in the presidential election is anchored to the percentage of voting spread made in all the states including FCT Abuja.

The voting strength must be 25% valid votes at the thirty six states respectively and the federal capital territory FCT.

9News Nigeria reports that the political atmosphere is getting set with pre-election activities which included the electioneering, door-door campaigns, freewill donations, philanthropy and sensitization.

2023 Political campaign is rated low maybe by the reason of insecurity and cashless flow witnessed in every zone of the country.

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Fuel hike is another factor that is affecting the groovy electioneering campaigns as it used to be in the recent past as reported by 9News Nigeria.

Presidential Candidates Alhaji Atiku, Peter Obi and Ahmed Bola Tinubu in the Photo

However, between PeterObi, Tinubu and Atiku, one of them must be the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

And additionally, each candidates is likely to sweep the votes from their respective zones where they come from. Peter Obi will win the highest votes in the East, Tinubu will win in the West and Atiku will win in the North.

By this calculations, the voting strength of each zone will be the projection within which the winner may emerge.

But either candidates can outshine the rest two from the permutation and combination of sympathy votes from either zones from any of the three most likely followers of the candidates.

They above implies that the 25% spread is possible but it behoves on INEC to determine such results and pronounce the winner at the end of the process.

Unless otherwise, Re-run of election precedes the final declaration, then, the highest bidder will take it all. This is my projection from 9News Nigeria Political desk.

The 25% spread is sacrosanct and it is expected of the presidential candidates of the three notable Political parties, the All Progressives Congress APC, People’s Democratic Party PDP and Labour Party LP to do the needful mostly at the grassroots.

The presidential election prediction is few weeks from the date of this report by 9News Nigeria.

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