Step Down For Me Tonye Cole Begs Lulu-Briggs, Sobomabo, Dawari, Other Kalabari Governorship Candidates In Rivers State

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The Gubernatorial Candidate of Rivers APC, Pastor Tonye Cole, has called on all Kalabari candidates from other political parties, to join him save Rivers State.

He made this call during the APC Asari-Toru LGA Campaign Flag rally, which was held in Buguma; the traditional headquarters of the Kalabari kingdom.

The APC standard bearer, Pastor Tonye Cole, highlighted the importance of unity in any cause and encouraged Calabar to rally around him as he seeks to change the fortunes of Rivers State people through massive human capital development and purposeful leadership.

Arch. Tonye Cole narrated his encounter with the 1999 gubernatorial candidate, Chief Ebenezer Isokariari.

“Many years ago, Ebenezer Isokariari on Kalabari ground, at Abalama, said something out of anger. Out of frustration from the disunity that led to his defeat, Chief Isokariari proclaimed that for 24 years the Kalabaris will not be Governor. He spoke as a Kalabari man on Kalabari soil, in reaction to the betrayal of the Kalabari people. This happened 24 years ago.”

“I went to see Chief Ebenezer Isokariari in Lagos, and when I went, he said to me, ‘you are the first person to come and see me regarding this proclamation. I regret making it, when I made it, I did not know it will happen like this.’

This is 24 years; we have suffered as a people, 24 years we have punished ourselves, 24 years we have killed ourselves for other people, 24 years we have fought, 24 years we’ve spilled blood, 24 years we have gone backward. This year it has ended. They said Kalabari can never come together. That is false. Kalabari is united.”

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Tonye Cole urged Ojukaye Flag Amachree, Dawari George, Sobomabo Jackrich, Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs, and all Kalabari politicians and stakeholders to join him in his quest to redeem the lost glory of the Kalabaris; and assured the people that a Tonye Cole government will be one where the common man, even those in the rural communities, will feel a sense of belonging and see opportunities to have a dignified life.

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