Stop Using President’s Name to Endanger Peace and Good Governance. Enough is Enough – Osun PDP to Oyetola

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The Osun state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has warned former Governor Gboyega Oyetola to stop using and dropping the names of President Bola Tinubu to disrupt governance in Osun state, warning that the state will open can of worms on the former Governor unless he stopped his disruptive activities.

In a strongly worded statement issued by the party state Chairman, Hon Sunday Bisi, on Sunday, the party accused the former Governor of being a bad loser who has continued to pursue a failed agenda to make Osun state ungovernable through dropping of Mr President’s name to perpetrate political evil in Osun state.

“We are constrained to bring to the attention of Mr President and the entire Presidency the untoward activities of former Governor Oyetola which are capable of destroying the peace and stability of Osun state and negatively undermine the presidential agenda for Osun state, South West and Nigeria as a whole.

“We start by noting that the opposition has a legitimate right to play the role of the opposition. Such opposition roles do not however entail evil moves targeting at destroying the peace of the state, misrepresentation of presidential intention, the deliberate disruption of state-federal relations or attempted unlawful abuse of federal power against state officials performing their statutory roles. That will amount to malignant behaviour and a direct threat to democratic ideals.

“We posit that Mr Oyetola was not the first person to lose an election. Great democrats abide by peoples’ wishes and prepare to recontest. They dont pull down the house; they don’t get consumed under vengeful poison.

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“Governor Adeleke, despite being rigged out in 2018, congratulated Mr Oyetola and moved abroad to complete his education. He instructed us never to attack the new government but to go and prepare for 2022, a process we launched when the timetable for the election was released.

“In 2022, Osun people voted for Governor Adeleke. Right now, the Governor is delivering many projects and programmes which Oyetola failed to achieve under four years. This government has full records of several projects for which money was collected without the jobs being done. Mr Governor abandoned the idea of a probe and is instead completing many projects and starting new ones. Osun is today one of the most peaceful states in Nigeria attracting multiple interests and attention of foreign investors

“Surprisingly , Mr Oyetola has been dropping Mr President’s name to manipulate federal agencies to serve his selfish interest. The other time, he hijacked SMEDAN SME programme to serve his own faction of APC, even leaving out other APC members, giving Mr President a bad name. He did the same on rice distribution which he allegedly took from NEMA but which he shared to his faction against reaching out to the generality of Osun people as Mr President clearly preferred in line with the law.

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“Rather than working to unite his party ahead of 2026, he is busy trying to make the state ungovernable, disrupting federal – state collaboration and attempting to use federal agencies such as the FCT DSS to harass state officials. We learnt Oyetola has used the FCT DSS to threaten arrest of the Spokesperson to the Osun State Governor for performing his statutory duties of projecting and promoting Mr Governor.

“We warn that such an attempt at arm twisting is a failed strategy as officials and citizens are entitled to the enforcement of their fundamental human rights as enshrined in the constitution and as the same constitution also regulates human rights and intergovernmental relations among the three tiers of government. We are also convinced that both the Presidency and the national headquarters of the DSS will not endorse deployment of sensitive state services to pursue personal political vendetta.

“Mr Oyetola should stop his evil agenda against Osun state because he should know we have the capacity to tame him but for the state government’s due respect for Mr President. If he does not stop, we will open his records which we are not doing because of our respect for the Presidency.

“We urge Mr President and the entire Presidency to nip in the bud the nefarious, vindictive, anti-state and vengeful activities of Mr Oyetola which are tarnishing the image of the Number One Citizen of the nation as he is using the President’s name to pursue vendetta and activities directly contrary to the bigger agenda of the Presidency.

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“Mr President should call Mr Oyetola to order before plunging Osun into an avoidable crisis. Osun is peaceful and our Governor is delivering dividends of democracy under the umbrella of good governance.The State-Federal partnership is moving smoothly and no sore loser should be allowed to jeopardize the larger political and bigger interest of Mr President”, the statement concluded.

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