Subsidy Removal: ‘Watermelon I Bought Yesterday For N800 Now N2,000, Trade Expert Cries Out

A certified international trade professional, Olufemi Boyede, on Friday, decried the economic effects of the fuel subsidy removal, noting that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have been forced to hike the prices of their commodities.

“I just drove out of the dental clinic and I felt I needed watermelon. The watermelon I bought 24 hours for 800 naira — I asked the guy and he insisted that he wasn’t going to take anything less than N2,000,” Boyede said on Channels Television Sunrise Daily.

“The watermelon seller said, ‘Did you not buy fuel now? How much did you buy fuel?’”

The trade expert pointed out that the watermelon seller was aware of the situation in the country.

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