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………..As people cannot Move freely again in Onitsha!

It’s no longer news that the popular commercial City, Onitsha (Upper Iweka) and its environment is turning into a war zone for man slaughters.

In recent times, so many people have been injured while others lost their lives in the process of brutality from the Governor’s employed tax collectors. Agbero and street gangs have taken over the street of Onitsha as many people going for their businesses are subjected to fear of not being caught by these men that called themselves Agbero or tax collectors.

It is on record that many of the so-called Agberos/ tax collectors are all employers of labor by the Anambra State Governor, while others are working under contract of an unidentified local authority; still from the state Government.

This group of boys or men engage in all manner of extortion, all in the name of collecting taxes for the Government. It has also been reported that many of these boys do engage in extracurricular extortion in the night with weapons that they normally use against their victims who trys to resist them.

It will interest you that someone lost his life towards end of Last year only because he was trying to escape the bad boys that was stationed along the road in Onitsha, all in the nation of collecting levies.

As of last month being December 2020, one Chinedu Anene and Okenmiri Chilota from Ebonyi State was attacked by this group of boys respectively, of which Okenmiri Chilota received the hardest part of their attack that left him with a spinal cord injury.

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It will interest you that this young huzzler in Onitsha, Okenmiri Chilota, was stabbed by this bad boys after collecting their belongings on their way coming back from work with a friend that led to him being paralyzed, owing to the fact that it affected his spinal cord. Do you know that this tax collectors just terminated a vision without being held responsible to pay for their evil act?

This young guys are now being hospitalized while Okenmiri Chilota is currently admitted at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University teaching hospital, Nnewi, leaving the poor parents of Okenmiri Chilota in a state of confusion due to lack of funds to take care of all the hospital expenses. It annoys me seeing the people employed by our own Government to turn around and start inflicting pains to its citizens all in the name of trying to satisfy their illegal dealings.

Chinedu Anene was hospitalized, but he is currently responding to treatment, while Okenmiri Chilota is currently lying helplessly in NAUTH with the hope that a helper will come.

All these things are happening under the watch of Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State. This is totally not acceptable and should stop. It was on news that the collection of Levies of any kind along the roads in Anambra State have been suspended, but it’s now a reality that the suspension was just a charade of no seriousness, but was announced just to calm down the tension after a man lost his life on the process.

Onitsha as at today is no longer the Peaceful Onitsha that I used to know. Many ungodly things are happening there without people asking questions or reacting to that effect, especially the Government of Anambra State.

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It will interest you that many people that was attacked and looted by this alleged tax collectors, testified that the majority of the brutality always happens during the day time, but nobody will ever show concern in order to rescue the victim. This is very bad as many people reported that they were being careful not to get involved in order to avoid being victimized by this Agbero/tax collectors. How can this be happening in Anambra State?

With all sincerely, the Governor of Anambra State is not actually taking the Issues of brutality from tax collectors in Onitsha serious, as many are lying there in the hospital because of his Inability to provide one of the primary needs of the people from the government, which is the protection of lives and properties of people leaving in your State.

This will in other way devalue the commercial glory of Onitsha as a business Hub of Eastern states and Africa at large.

Some people are even Afraid of going to Onitsha to buy a phone or laptops, because they might not come back with it. Tax collectors in Onitsha now go to the extent of charging you to pay taxes on the things that you bought with your own money. This is totally uncalled for and should stop. It amazes me on what all this money being collected in Anambra state are being used for, based on the current status of the state. Anambrians needs to be saved from this shameful atrocities!

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