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Dropped out from school to help his family overcome poverty. Went through apprenticeship and even had his head broken by his master for trying to outshine him . Sold tyres from lagos to francophone countries in addition to other trades as opportunity presents . Conquered poverty and became that man whose bussiness empire is discussed globally. While the pure hearted marvelled at the huge behemoth that this dropout young son of a teacher was able to amass including owning till date the biggest Oil tank farm and harbour in Nigeria amd West Africa. The wicked hearted hirelings of envious political opponents chose to mock him over a bussiness misfortune brought about by a sudden government policy somersault then that hit the young man .
One that he has in his usual innate strenght succeeded in overcoming with his main company(the Capital Oil and Gas)bouncing back into operations once again and every bank loan fully collaterised by his huge company assets with repayment plan flowing in seamlessly

Still stubbornly opening up new bussiness fronts especially in his State to employ as many of his people as possible and bring them out of poverty

Found his way back to School and today is a proud graduate of law .( If you know the antecedents of Baze University Abuja , you will appreciate more the level of determination and strength of character in Ifeanyichukwu Nwa Onye Nkuzi ).
That Nwa Onye Nkuzi that couldn’t afford to pay school fees then is today a Distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria courtesy of votes from the many Ifeanyi Ubahs on the streets of Anambra.
This is the story of the average Igbo man and every Nwa ANAMBRA on the streets
A story of resilience and determination.
There is an Ifeanyi Ubah in that bread seller that you see him come down from his car to greet and share food and pleasantries with .
There is an Ifeanyi Ubah in that roadside corn seller struggling to make ends meet .

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In that apprentice that you see in main market Onitsha is an Ifeanyi Ubah in the making sweating and struggling his way to financial emancipation.

That is the main reason why Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah will never ask the security forces to kill the several Ifeanyi Ubahs on the streets of Anambra no matter what but will rather find ways of showing them the light at the end of the tunnel .

That is why he bears the unquenchable torch of #Hope everywhere he goes
He has been there
He knows them
He understands them .
Ifeanyi Ubah is a street code and religion in Anambra State and the South East region.

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