To my Beloved NDIGBO and Biafrans

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Today NDIGBO like the Jews that were captives in the hand of Ahasuerus king of the then Persian kingdom, are afraid and trembling in fear as people that are already destined for slaughter following the deadly villainous and heinous threat from the Northern Nigerian groups (so to say), an ostentatious plan to repeat history and massacre NDIGBO mercilessly once again even in this jet age.

These threats ostensibly are not empty threats, because like that of Hamman in the book of Esther who had conspired and perfected his plot to annihilate the Jews, it has been sealed with the King’s signet ring. It has total and unflinching approval and support of the assumed highest authority of the land of the Northern Nigeria.   There is absolutely nothing that can deter them from hatching these heinous plots EXCEPT, of course GOD Himself.

Therefore, as it is today that NDIGBO are the Jews under the oppression of those that see them as their stumbling blocks for the mere fact that we are the people of God blessed beyond comprehension and have only chosen to be known as the people of God the Almighty and non-other;  as we know that it is for the belief and trust that we have in our God, the God Almighty who created heaven and earth and for His blessings which He has chosen to bless us with being His own people that we have been perpetually troubled and hated so much by those we loved and desired to be one with; we today facing the same fate as the Jews of Israel in the land of Persia should now only rely on our God and call on Him in this time of trouble, and He will surely answer us and fight for us.

This battle should not be the one we fight with physical arms and ammunitions but should be a battle shifted to the Mighty One in Battle, Jehovah Nissi, God Almighty because the battle is totally of the Lord.

Our role now is to call upon Him and pray to Him who will surely hear us and deliver us from this plot.

Let NDIGBO stop the rumor mongering and fear dissemination and start praying now because the power of God is the only source of our salvation.

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Let us involve God totally in this fight and let Him take control and fight them that fight against us because by flesh shall no man prevail.

I remember the word of our late Hero, Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu (May his gentle soul rest in peace) during an interview where he said that Biafrans will never resort to war again, because we have done the first needful by engaging in the 1967 war and through that we had made our position sternly known to our opponents that we desire a land of our own as we could no more share a common ground. He also said that there is no more need for gun battles because that will only make the blood of Biafrans who died during the war to be in vain. Their blood should be the last blood that would be shed in this struggle.

Most of us are aware of the struggle for the freedom of Biafrans, but not many of us have actively participated in the struggle. Some of us do not even share the same conscience that Biafra should be independent from the rest of Nigerian landscapes, but the truth is that everyone of us suffer the same fate of whatever evil portion fed to NDIGBO and Biafrans at large in every aspect of Nigerian existence. It is now obvious and clear that we all as NDIGBO and Biafrans have no place and no voice in this Nigeria of today. Therefore, the struggle is for all and sundry.

If we cannot do any other thing, we can at least join hands and hearts in prayer as that is our only resort.

In lieu with the above statements, we cannot engage in any physical battles, but spiritual wherein we involve our God who will fight for us.

I encourage every Biafran and NDIGBO to say the prayers as below or at least pray as your spirit leads you and call upon God Almighty to come and take up this battle.



First Prayer

“O Lord, Lord, you rule as King over all things, for the universe is in your power and there is no one who can oppose you when it is your will to save your people NDIGBO and BIAFRA, for you have made heaven and earth and every wonderful thing under heaven.

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You are Lord of all, and there is no one who can resist you, the Lord God Almighty.  You know all things; you know, O Lord, that it was not in disrespectful character or pride or for any love of glory that we desire a land of our own where we will continue to serve you alone, and refused to bow down to this proud people and their worship; for we would have been willing to kiss the soles of their feet to save our people from peril,

 But we did this so that we might not set human glory above the glory of God, and we will not bow down to anyone but you, who are our Lord; and we will not do these things in pride.

And now, O Lord God and King, God of Abraham, spare your people; for the eyes of our enemies and haters are upon us to annihilate us, and they desire to destroy the inheritance that has been yours from the beginning.

Do not neglect your own people, which you are redeeming for yourself out of the land of the wicked.

Hear our prayers, and have mercy upon your people, your own inheritance in this land; turn our fear and mourning into feasting and celebration that we may live and sing praise to your name, O Lord our God; do not destroy the lips of those who praise you.”

All NDIGBO and Biafrans are crying out to you mightily Oh Lord our God, for death from the wicked is before our eyes

Second prayer

“Oh Lord our God, you only are our king; help us, who are deserted and alone, and have no helper but you, for fierce danger from our enemies are in our hands.

 Ever since I was born I have heard in the tribe of my family that you, O Lord, took Israel out of all the nations, and our ancestors from among all their forebears, for an everlasting inheritance, and that you did for them all that you promised.

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 And now we have sinned before you, and you have handed us over to our enemies because we glorified their gods. We repent of our sins and ask you Oh Lord to bring us out from the land of oppression and anguish to a land of our everlasting inheritance and freedom.

You are righteous, O Lord!  And now they are not satisfied that we are in bitter slavery, but they have covenanted with their idols to abolish what your mouth has ordained, and to destroy your people, your inheritance, to stop the mouths of those who praise you and to quench your altar and the glory of your house, to open the mouths of the nations for the praise of vain idols, and to magnify forever a mortal king.

 “O Lord, do not surrender your scepter to what has no being; and do not let them laugh at our downfall; but turn their plan against them, and disgrace him who began this against us.

Remember, O Lord; make yourself known in this time of our affliction, and give us courage, O King of the gods and Master of all dominion and tribes!

 Give us your favor before the eyes of the leaders and kings of the earthly authorities, and turn their heart to hate the wicked who are fighting against us, so that there may be an end of them and those who agree with them.

But save us by your hand, and help us, who are alone and have no helper but you, O Lord.

You have knowledge of all things, and you know that we hate the splendor of the wicked and abhor the bed of the uncircumcised and of those who go against your plan and fight it.

O God, whose might and power is over all, hear the voice of the despairing, and save us from the hands of evildoers. And save NDIGBO and Biafrans from our fear now and forever more. In Jesus Christ your son’s name we pray Amen!”





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