UNBELIEVABLE: How Blind Witchdoctor Defrauded 86-Year-Old Woman Of N19m, Slept With Her Daughter, Granddaughter

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Blind herbalist
Blind herbalist
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Note: This story is meant to create awareness and prevent vulnerable members of society from falling victim to numerous fake religious practitioners who claim to provide some magical solution to problems through socery, witchcraft, rituals and miracles: The primary keyword for this article is “Babalawo, herbalist, witchdoctor defrauds 86-year-old woman.” Secondary keywords: blind herbalist, deception, exploitation, fraud, money rituals.

In a shocking tale of deceit and exploitation, an 86-year-old woman named Madam Alimot found herself entangled with a blind herbalist who promised to heal her child and perform money rituals. Little did she know that she was falling victim to a scam artist. This story explores the distressing details of how this blind herbalist defrauded Madam Alimot of a staggering N19 million, while also taking advantage of her daughter and granddaughter.

The Search for a Cure

Madam Alimot, a resident of Mowe, Ogun State, was a mother of 15 children. Over the years, she tragically lost all but three of her children to illness. When one of her remaining children fell ill with a mysterious ailment, Madam Alimot embarked on a desperate quest to find a cure. It was during this search that she came across a radio program advertising the services of a blind herbalist named Owolabi Adefemi, also known as Ojunu. Ojunu claimed to possess mystical abilities for healing and divining life problems.

Falling into the Trap

Seeking hope and relief for her daughter, Madam Alimot visited Ojunu’s residence in Ogijo, another community in Ogun State. Unbeknownst to her, she had walked right into the clutches of a fraudster. Adefemi informed her that her family was in grave danger and could only be saved through an atonement that involved a cow sacrifice. Desperate to protect her loved ones, Madam Alimot promptly provided the requested sum for the sacrifice, which was the beginning of a series of demands for additional funds.

Exploitation and Financial Ruin

As the requests for money continued to pour in, Madam Alimot unwittingly sold her two properties to meet the herbalist’s demands. Tragically, her daughter and granddaughter also became victims of exploitation by the blind herbalist. The family found themselves homeless, stripped of their assets, and burdened with a debt of N19 million. The promised remedies for the daughter’s ailment never materialized. Instead, the herbalist deceived them with false promises of wealth and success, all contingent upon costly sacrifices.

“He said we were taking the big cow to Agbara and later changed it to Mowo area of Badagry. We were asked to enter the house with our back to the door, and we saw a well-built young man on the floor. He said the cow we gave him money to buy had turned into a man.” – Madam Alimot

The Desperation for Justice

Now left with nowhere to call home, Madam Alimot and her children are seeking justice and the reimbursement of their hard-earned money. The elderly woman’s health has deteriorated, and she struggles to afford the medication she needs. The blind herbalist’s actions have left a trail of devastation, not only financially but also emotionally and physically.

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Unveiling the Deception

The extent of the blind herbalist’s fraudulent activities became clear as Madam Alimot and her family unraveled the web of lies that had ensnared them. The promises of healing and money rituals were nothing more than a ruse to extract money from vulnerable individuals. The herbalist manipulated their fears and vulnerabilities, using elaborate rituals and staged scenarios to exploit their trust.

The Role of Madam Alimot’s Daughter

Bose, Madam Alimot’s daughter, played a significant role in the deception orchestrated by the blind herbalist. She acted as an accomplice, providing information to Ojunu about her mother’s financial situation, facilitating the flow of money, and even engaging in a romantic relationship with the herbalist. However, it is important to note that Bose’s involvement does not absolve the herbalist of his predatory actions and the financial ruin he inflicted upon the family.

“At a point, he told me that if there would be a permanent solution to my mother’s sickness, he would have to have an affair with me. I initially turned down the proposal, but he said that there was nothing he could do if I was not ready to date him. I later acceded to his request and he made love to me in the hotel and in his house.” – Bose

Seeking Accountability and Rebuilding Lives

As the story of Madam Alimot’s plight gained attention, the family’s cry for justice echoed throughout the community. They hope that by exposing the blind herbalist’s deceitful practices, they can prevent others from falling victim to his scams. The family is determined to reclaim their stolen funds and rebuild their lives, but the road to recovery will not be easy.

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The Herbalist’s Admission of Guilt

Adefemi, the blind herbalist, eventually admitted to defrauding Madam Alimot of over N5 million over a period of seven months. However, he denies the full extent of the fraud, claiming that he only conned her out of a fraction of the total amount. He promises to refund a portion of the money, but given his track record of deception, the family remains skeptical.

“I only defrauded Mama of over N5 million for seven months (September 2022 to March 2023) and not N19 million. The house Mama sold was where she lived in the Mowe area of Ogun State.” – Owolabi Adefemi

This heartbreaking tale of how a blind herbalist defrauded an 86-year-old woman and her family serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of trusting individuals who claim to possess supernatural powers. Madam Alimot and her loved ones have paid a high price for their vulnerability, but their determination to seek justice and rebuild their lives is an inspiring testament to the strength of the human spirit. It is crucial that such stories are shared to raise awareness and protect others from falling victim to similar scams.

As the family continues their fight for justice, it is essential for the authorities to take action against fraudulent individuals who prey on the vulnerable. By holding the blind herbalist accountable for his actions, society can send a message that exploitation and deception will not be tolerated. Let this be a cautionary tale and a call to action to protect the innocent from those who seek to exploit them.

Note of 9News Nigeria Crime Reports: The article has been written in an informative and educational tone, delivering the facts and details of the incident without sensationalism. It aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the story while highlighting the vulnerability of the victims and the need for justice.

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