VIOLENCE: Get Out Of Haiti As Soon As You Can, US Tells Its Citizens

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US citizens in Haiti are being urged to get out. The State Department on Wednesday said that given the spiraling violence and infrastructure challenges, American citizens should depart Haiti as soon as possible via commercial or private flights.

The warning comes a month after the State Department ordered the departure of non-emergency personnel and their eligible family members from Haiti. At that time, too, US citizens were urged to get out. But the warning this time has a stronger sense of urgency attached to it.

The warning has raised tension and some questions have beclouded the citizens in Haiti. “So, what’s going on in Haiti? Is it just the violence? A bit too early to speculate but there are unconfirmed reports that the US is planning a military action that could see the U.S. forces maintain a strong and visible presence in Haiti for a very long time to come as gathered.

However, could it be that there are real fears that those Africans over there may be having some ideas on how to escape the unipolar plantation and probably align with the Russian arm of the multipolar world?

Could it be there’s credible intelligence that Haiti is getting ready to go the way of Mali, Niger and co? Imagine if something like that happened? It’ll mean Russia dining in America’s bedroom.”

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“So, if there’s anything to all these unconfirmed reports, it’ll explain the extreme urgency in the latest warning to American citizens in Haiti. Will be interesting to see where these all lead in the coming weeks.

“Something is going on with the black race! Paradigm shift extraordinaire! An anonymous tweeted.

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