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Why Men Should Split Rent Bills With Their Husbands – KieKie, Skit Maker

“When I was dating my husband, my rent expired in September and we were going to get married in January, So I didn’t bother renewing my rent. I just moved into his place.

“And also we had already done our Introduction in June. So we live together for about four months but the truth is that he was always busy just Like I was. “How can you be living Ina house and you are not paying rent?

“You can do some other things as the man. In fact, fly me to Dubai, Barcelona, and buy me Fendi bag on my birthday but I will be living in the house without paying rent? It is not possible.

“So that when we want to fight, you will carry the chair and I will carry the table or any other thing because we ate both paying house rent. We will share everything equally, you can’t tell me to get out of your house”.

-Kiekie Skit maker|| Toke Makinwa’s Podcast, Toke Moments.

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