Wike Has Over Stepped His Boundary, He Will Fall Like King Nebuchadnezzar, Fubara Is Chosen By God, Says Evangelist Glastine JP

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FCT Minister, Barr Nyesom Wike Has Overstepped His Boundary, He Will Fall Like King Nebuchadnezzar And Goliath Of Old Because No one Can Fight The Almighty God, Who is DR Fani Kayode To Attack Israel

His message was stated as below:

National & international prophecies this May 2024 onward, warning to some Leaders/politicians. A young prophet, who is based in Abuja and Port Harcourt City has spoken and given some Revelations concerning Rivers State politics, the nation of Nigeria, and the Globe. Evangelist JP Glastine, a chosen Ambassador of the Gospel of Christ Jesus shouted over the weekend while appreciating God Almighty for His birthday Anniversary, monthly the 76th Anniversary of the Independence of the State of Israel (the Holy Land). The young radical man of God who is an Oracle that has given out many predictions (Prophecies), even to professor Jerry Gana in his ASO DRIVE HOUSE Abuja, and the election victory of former president Dr. Goodluck Jonathan a few years ago, which he visited the presidential villa Asorock Abuja on a Divine assignment and also had a night vigil prayer meeting inside the villa chapel. He is hereby addressing the press and the citizens of Rivers State/the globe that the political fight going on in Rivers State is not a healthy situation, it’s going to cause many pains, wounds, and setbacks to her economy, mostly politically. Therefore, he is giving a warning to His Excellency Chief E.N. Wike (THE FCT MINISTER) Mr. Project that is owing many contractors before he left the office last year 2023 as former Governor, to embrace peace and avoid the danger ahead, let him be thankful for to God Almighty who helped him to finish his eight (8th years) administration, and allow Governor Sim Fubara to focus on his mandate as the present Governor of Rivers State because power comes from God (Psalm 66). And the Rivers Elders council will not disobey the mind of God for Rivers, men like Dr. Peter Odili, Barr. C.R. Amaechi, Sir. Rufus Ada George, Sir, Dr. G.T. Tobi, Chief Dr.Sergeant Awuse, Engr. Tele Ikuru, Prince Chibudum Nwuche, Celestine Omehia, Sir Austin Opara, Dr. Abiye Sekibo, Activists Annkio Briggs, Senator Wilson Ake, Senator Lee Nwaba, Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs, Arch. Tony Cole, Senator Magnus Abe, Prince Tonye Princewill, and Dr. Hildabehind Gov. Sim Fubara because Sim is a man of Grace and Divine Favour (Psalm 102 vs 13). It is a payback time against Chief Wike, more wahala and media insults he did to many leaders will backfire on him this season on air because Chief Wike does not have the fear of God upon being a son of a pastor (a priest’s son). Yes, Pastor Dr. David Ibiyeomi of Port Harcourt City said that Divine Intervention is needed in Rivers State Political Issues, he was right and I want to remind His Excellency Chief Wike to remember how he used to kneel begging Pastor Ibiyeomi to pray for him to win his supreme court case during his eight (8) years battle with APC Governorship candidate Dr. Dakuku Peterside, and he is now fighting his successor (A seating Governor Sir. Sim. Fubara), it will not work, Wike cannot another jagaban in Rivers State like Senator Tinubu of Lagos State, No impeachment will prevail against Mr. Governor if I am a man of God. Even the Bible (Galatians 5 says) that any seed a man sowed shall he eat. See I am not afraid of death because I am already died in the Lord, this is what I am born for, to do the will of God (my master/boss) on earth. Friends I have heard in the spiritual realm that this battle going on in Rivers is like the David and Goliath fight. According to the Bible (1 Samuel 17), Gov. Sim is the David of our generation who killed Goliath. So watch out, Wike’s political structures and influence will go down and diminish, even ahead of 2027 he can’t shine or fly for the vice president slot, or presidential ticket No No because the Almighty God Jehovah is angry with him, and his style of political bitterness is will make him supper disgrace again like what he experienced in 2022 during the PDP primary election that took place at Eagle square Abuja. Even the Senate president Dr. Akpabio and Mr. President (Senator Tinubu) will betray Wike before the 2027 general election, let him stop blaming some northern politicians like Dr. Atiku Abubaka, Senator Aminu Tambua who caused his failure at Abuja, such as a lie because the finger of God Almighty was involved. Yes, I want to inform Wike that the spirit of God will not allow him to become president of this country (mark my words as a messenger). Also, as a prophet of God, I am saying congratulations to Mr. President and Gov. Sim Fubara for their first administrative anniversary, kudos to the Governor for restoring RTC Transportation company in Port Harcourt. let Mr. President give more listening energy to Nigerians, many things are going wrong in his Government, too many cries, tears, pains, and hardships are killing people, and some families can’t feed themselves and pay their children’s school fees because of the bad economy, harsh policies, naira falling, fuel high price and unemployment, etc. let President Tinubu shake and changes some lazy and corrupt politicians in his government, try to attract visionary leaders like Prof. Jerry Gana, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Dr. Oby Ezekwazuri, Barr. C.R. Amaechi etc, to boost up his administration no matter their political parties they are through lovers of Nigeria. And let Mr. President do remember the family of late Chief Senator Joseph Wayas his inlaw of Cross Rivers State and do the needful. In his cabinet members, remove corrupt politicians and sycophants around you so you can shine better, even I see Senator Magnus Abe having a new political appointment this 2024 in Tinubu government because he has the fear of God. So let Mr. President strengthen the EFFC and ICPC agencies, let him stop corruption before corruption will fight him back because such was the former president Buhari’s experience, let him deal with men like Yahaya Bello, Mallam Nasiru El-rifle both the former minister of Humanitarian Affair Aisha Faruq, let Mr. President watch his back, let him promote peace and prosperity in Rivers State, there is danger/setup ahead, he needs extra-ordinary Grace to end well in 2027. Yes, I salute the positive roles/prayers by the First Lady (His wife, Senator Mrs. Oluremi B. Tinubu). The Lord Almighty says I should tell President Tinubu to show Mercy to Dr. Nnamdi Kanu the Leader of Biafra Agitators and grant him a presidential pardon, He has the power to close his court case, he is a good fighter but it is not yet time for Nigeria to separate, let Kanu be free from the prison so he can go and care for his health and family, let Kanu learn from his mistakes because Nigerians need one another, Nigeria cannot be separated (Disintegrated) now, one Greater and better Nigeria is our focus. Mr. President should restore the suspended Hon. Minister of Humanitarian Affairs Abuja (Dr. Betha Edu) to her office, or give her another political appointment, she is a covenant Daughter and President Tinubu needs her services, she has paid her dues as a former national woman leader of APC party, they will restore her political Glory before July 2024, she was politically and sexually attacked by some forces in the Government, let’s encourage the young politicians to grow and rise better. Once again, Nigeria shall be Great, let us stop speaking evil against our country, our negative confessions are bad, and we Nigerians need to be good citizens and attract more foreign investors. Ladies and Gentlemen of the press hear me this day as an oracle of God. Who is Dr. Fani Kayode? Yes, I am talking about the former Hon. Minister of Aviation Abuja, he is talking Nonsense and attacking the Holy Land (Israel) on the media, let him be careful, the God of Israel is angry against him, and he will not go unpunished, who gave him the authority to be attacking Israel politically and internationally? I heard him telling Iran and other nations to gang up and fight Israel, even the president of South Africa is peaking against Israel, and he is in trouble. So Dr. Fani is a noise maker both Dr. Fani for debate and can appear on any national television (e.g channels, Arise TV, AIT), I am ready to expose him, here is my contact number is ber +2348035510206, the Abba Father, the Holy One of Israel is angry over that man, and as an intercessor to Jerusalem, the spirit of God told me to address and rebuke him, he is looking for political relevance (appointment), but president Tinubu will disappoint him, Fani Kayode is a corrupt politician and EFCC has his case already, that rubbish he did in Government cannot be swept under the carpet just because President Tinubu is his tribal brother NO! NO!!, I want you all to flashback to the plane crash that happened over the weekend that killed Iranian leaders, the Lord has permitted me as His servant to say something about it, that plane crash is a spiritual significance, it is a global warning to those nations fighting and troubling the peace of Israel, the Lion of the tribe of Judah will never allow you guys to defeat Israel (the Jews), you are wasting your resources and weapons.Moreover, I want to announce to the world that Dr. Donald John Trump will win this coming November 2024 American presidential election battle, he is a man of principle and discipline, he has good economic policies for Americans and foreign nations, and he is a lover of Israel (Jerusalem). So congrats to him in advance, the Almighty will use him to fight world terrorism, the church of Satan and Anti-Christ agents, etc. (no matter those ganging up, Dr. Barrack Obama, Senator Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, and co. against Trump, they can’t stop his election victory back to the white house because Jehovah the Almighty Father (Emmanuel) is on the throne (Matthew 19 vs 26). In this national prophecy, I want to make it clear that Dr. Peter Obi and Atiku Abubakar’s time and season to become president of Nigeria has expired, They are good men but they have missed their opportunities because power is taken by force, you don’t get power because you are qualified or deserve it, but you work and fight for it even the Bible is evidence for me, as it is written in Matthew w 11 vs 12 taking it by force is the principle in the spiritual realm for Governmental Dominion (mandate), see a name will emerge in 2027 general election for presidential race, think about men like Dr. Burkola Saraki, Prof. Pat Utomi, and Alahaji Aminu Tambuwal, etc Finally for now, let the pastor (clergymen, ministers of the gospel) be warn, let them return to their old love for Christ Jesus, they should cry for church revival, stop secret sins and play religion because religion cannot save humanity, only true sound gospel of the cross does. Let the church encourage its members to go into Governmental leadership, to take charge of leadership in our country, and stop blaming games why is the church in Nigeria sleeping too much? We are playing bad religion and comparing ourselves with unbelievers, we need to realize that we are the salt and light of God to our nation, hate evil (sin/corruption), and follow after righteousness (Matthew 5 vs 13/ Matthew 6 vs 33) read scriptures for details. Even our gospel music singers need to sit up and serve God from their hearts, most of them are not born again, and I see a popular celebrity in Nigeria going to die this year if he doesn’t amend his ways, pushing drugs, yahoo plus, promoting transgender and lesbian/gay will cause more harm to our Nigerian youths. I remain Evangelist JP Glastine, the prophet/oracle of God to Nations (Amos 3 vs 7/ John 8 vs 28-30). Email: ipglastine@gmail.com, Tel: 08035510206.

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