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Women Are Blessings When Well Natured, Loved

Eve told Adam to eat the apple, Adam did. Then sin came and paradise lost. That is the Jewish narrative as told by The Holy Bible.

If there are ten (10) requests for help in my inbox, 8 are from women asking me to help their husbands find another job or employment. Women want their man to succeed. They mostly want their men to be able to meet their obligations or responsibilities, I asked one lady why she was not pushing for herself?

She said:

“If he is okay, our marriage will be okay” Men are mostly poor husbands when they are broke. Many men are resentful of wives that do well or better than them. So women sometimes underplay or under state their success to allow their husbands maintain their ego.

Men love to be worshipped and praised. Men can’t accept being overshadowed.

For married couples, the levels both will attain is highly dependent on each other. A supportive spouse gives wings to the other to fly. If you are lucky to have found a good woman, cherish her, support her and love her as best you can. Some of us are not capable of loving another. And if you are unloading to have chosen the “wrong” one, you will not make it in life. Same goes for the women with “wrong” men.

Women are blessings when natured and loved, but just so you know, Roses have Thorns!

Where are the Feminist?

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Photo: Nazriya Nazim.

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