Wonders Of Tiger Nut Drink Revealed By Nutritionists (Read Through)

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From Princely Onyenwe

Tigger nut drink is quite nutritious and good for human consumption if it is well prepared and served chilled.

9News Nigeria reports to that Tiger nut drink is good to go with every member of the family both pregnant and lactating mother.

But children below 2yrs can take a little quantity to keep the body fresh.

In this edition, experts have revealed the possible ways to get it done and ready for consumption.

(1) Hand pick the dirts / black tigernuts before socking the nuts.

(2) Pour the nuts into a mortar and add small amount of water.

(3) Pound the nuts, just little and sieve the water repeatedly twice.

(4) Don’t soak it overnight but within two to three hours otherwise It can easily get soured.

However when buying, buy the dried nuts. It is preferable but after washing the Nut add small sweet potatoes, dates, coconut.

Date fruits

Then grind and sieve milk into a clean bowl and add tigernuts powder, sugar and flavour.

Lastly you do not fail to refrigerate the Tiger Nut drink which is called “kunu Aya” after this, you can serve it chilled.

In addition, see how to make KUNU AYA (TIGER NUT DRINK)


• 2 cups of Tiger Nuts (Dried or Fresh)

• 1 medium Ginger

• 10 Dates (Or less)

• 1 Coconut (Crack the shell and extract the flesh for blending)


Step 1:
Soak the tiger nuts in clean water Overnight (if you are using the dry tigernuts)

Step 2:
Rinse the soaked tigernuts and place in a blender.emove the seeds from the dates, wash and place in the blender.

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Peel and pour your diced coconut in the blender as well then add the skinned ginger, a little water or the coconut water and blend smooth.

Step 3:

With a Pap/Cheese cloth, strain the milk into a bowl.

-The first milk strained would be thick then you place the chaff back into the blender, add some more water, blend and strain again till the whole milk is extracted.

(Don’t make the Tiger Nut drink too light for a better taste)

Step 4:

Place the extracted milk drink in a refrigerator to chill up.

Step 5:

Serve cold

This will be very interesting to learn how to prepare Tigger Nut Drink in our respective households as reported by 9News Nigeria Team.

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