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Yoruba Beware: This Election is Not About Igbo – Yoruba Tribal Sentiment

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By Adesina Adekunle

There has been a foul and despicable propaganda message circulating around and targeting Yorubas and voters from the South western region of Nigeria.

This message carries an erroneous assertion that this forthcoming presidential election is a battle between Yorubas and Igbos. The message designed to dissuade Yorubas from joining hand to vote Buhari out and stop the mess and destruction that Buhari has put Nigeria into. The message tries to convince Yorubas to believe that the vote they are casting against Buhari is against Osinbajo, and that Igbos are voting for Atiku because of Peter Obi.

This is a very wrong notion and ideology from the pit of hell. A big lie craftly meant exceptionally to muddle and deceive the Yorubas again. Another gruesome divide and rule spell that has bewitched the Southern part of Nigeria for far too long.

It is apparent that Igbos care for nothing less than the things we Yorubas also care and worry about.

Igbos  care for the interest of the Christians that are being killed every day in different parts of the country. Igbos care about freedom for all, and a Nigeria that is fair and equitable to all.

Igbos stand against islamization of Nigeria, and against a Nigeria that is devoid of constitutional restructuring. Igbos stand against a Nigeria that is subjected to retardation, religious and ethnic divisiveness and retrogression.  Igbos are against ethnic and religious bigotry. This is why Buhari is not Igbos choice because it is evident that he is a religious and ethnic bigot, and as a matter of fact does not give any sort of concern on the progress, peace, tranquility, technological and economic advancement of the country.

Buhari does not give any sort of concern on the subjective poverty and suffering of the citizenry. He is stiffly hell bent on achieving his religious and ethnic bigotry agenda in “as a matter of life and death”. He is prejudiced against people of different religion and ethnic group and is glaringly devoted to sectarianism.

The truth is that If Osinbajo was contesting as President, I am sure Igbos may obviously prefer him to Atiku so to say, vis a vis his policies; but given that Atiku is the only befitting opposition to Buhari, and given that, based on vivid facts, Atiku could be already glaringly different from Buhari’s agenda; hence Igbos do not have any better alternative than to pull their weights behind Atiku to get rid of Buhari.  

It is Buhari issue and not Osinbajo issue.

It’s a choice for Atiku and not for Obi.

Even if Atiku had chosen any other person as his vice, Igbos will still vote against Buhari. Please don’t assert this erroneous sentiment that it is all about Osinbajo and Obi, because that sentiment is just a ploy from the pit of hell purported solely and gravely to make Yorubas vote Buhari again in spite of the evil and ruthless devastating consequences it has brought to Nigeria and Nigerians so far.

There is a saying that once bitten, twice shy. We can not afford to make the same grievous mistake we made in 2015 for which we have dearly paid with so much suffering, and with the blood of many Nigerians.

A stitch in time saves nine. Save Nigeria, Save our future. Save Nigerians from impending doom.

A ti tẹlẹ ni to

UBA Bank
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