2023 : Hot Arguments On Who Becomes The Governor, After Ikpeazu In Abia State (YPP, APP, LP and the PDP)

By Bernard Ogbe

In this gratified discussions, that led to arguments among Abians, in which among the discussants were from Abia North, sharing the take home, which probably could be appealing to all good Abians, that have great concerns about lifting the state up, to meet other developed states.

It was a die-hard moment, what was seen as a discussion of five, turned many! The discussions engulfed listeners with reasoning, stretched from the point of views of what is experienced in Abia North, where good governance has touched the land.

To be precise and hitting the nail on the head, it was all about who takes the mantle of leadership after the successful tenure of Governor Okezie Ikpazu, who’s time, is fast approaching to vacate the Abia State Government House, in months to come .

It’s notable to have youths discuss politics, devoid of rancor, intimidation’s, quarrels and other vices that tend to work against democracy and the freedom of expressions. In this Buhari’s administration, lot’s had happened, that engaged both the youths and the old. In either ways of these engagement, the need for the youths to be actively involved in politics can not be ruled out.

In observations to this discuss, we can easily pen down, good notes of reasoning, in the discussions, which is vital to be shared with the public, at a time like this, when Abians, are getting ready to change the tides to the growth of the supposed God’s Own State.

The hinted discussions was on who becomes the governor of Abia State, after governor Okezie Ikpazu. It was quick to however identified that the PDP, is shelved to the wall, as no one talked good about having the PDP, to remain at the helm of affairs of Abia state, after the 2023 governorship election.

The question was, who can be trusted and who is he, that can deliver the state from the comatose state of underdevelopment. The choice practically mentioned in this discussion were the Young Progressive Party (YPP), the Action People’s Party (APP) and the Labor Party (LP).

At the mention of the Labor Party (LP) the discussions changed, as ‘Peter Obi, for President’ rented the air, as they all agreed that Peter Obi, is their choice.

However, the choice of Alex Oti, of the Labor Party, was murmured in disapproval. Reasons speculated to be, that Alex Oti, is somewhat confused of which side of Abia state, he’s from, as he’ve claimed both the Ngwa and Arochukwu, as for such, according to the discuss, it’s assumed that Alex Oti, could also be confused in placing Abia state, on the path needed.

It was said in the discuss that, in 2015, when the governorship position shifted from Abia Central to Abia South, to complete the circles of leadership rotation that started with Abia North, that Alex Oti, told Ngwa people to vote for him. He quickly as a matter of emergency, built a mansion in Abia South, where he solicited for their support as their AroNgwa son. Some also said that the desperation’s of Alex Oti, to becoming Abia state governor, is up again in this 2023, elections. This time, claiming he’s also from Arochukwu in Abia North, where practically the rotation formula of the state is beamed for the 2023, governorship election. Some also admitted that Peter Obi’s election will come before governorship. So, in collaboration, the people agreed to vote Mr Peter Obi, for president, but as for the governorship, that Alex Oti, is not in the picture.

According to one of the discussants, words can not explain the drift that occurred after the drive of the first administration in Abia State to place the state on the right track. Fairly enough, it’s of eminent prepositions to rescue Abia state, and Mascot Kalu, is on the race to reset the lost glory of Abia State.

This assertions triggered lots of reactions even from those, outside the discussions. The mention of Chief Mascot Kalu, in the discussions heralded more interest of those around, into the discuss. Until an order was called, to get the opinion and reasons for the mention of Mascot Kalu, to be the next governor .

Even though it was difficult to maintain such order, the young man, speaking with facts as relating to the competence of Chief Mascot, continued as he told the listeners that Mascot has that experience needed to change Abia state, just like his brother is doing as a Senator, in Abia North. According to him, it would be competitive enough to perform better than whatever Orji Kalu has done in Abia state as a governor and in Abia north, as a Senator.

He said also that when there is competition, there is every tendency to have extra productive and proactive functions. He also said that, the talked about glory in Abia state today can still be traced to the late 90’s when we had free education and medical care, good roads, payment of bursary’s to tertiary indigenous students of Abia state. He also hooked some of the listeners, on how, they partook in the free education scheme of Dr Orji Kalu. (At this time, you could hear the sound of a pin, if dropped on the floor) The listening ears of the people were open as they’ve been indicted of enjoying some of the productive policies of the then 1999-2007, government of Abia State.

Speaking further, the young man, who practically took the stage, at the silence of others, profoundly quoted that, the best thing that can happen to Abia State is for Chief Mascot Kalu, to be elected to clean up the mess of Abia, restore our glory and bring the honor of a God’s own state, back to the people.

At this point, a die hard supporter of the YPP, stood exceptional to what is been discussed by saying that Chima Nwafor and Chima Anyaso, of the YPP, will rescue Abia state and that he’ll also vote for Chima Anyaso, because, he’s from Abia North. This erupted another calculus arguments and a rowdy section.

Vehemently disapproved by the already swelling audience into the political discus on the choice of YPP, one among the swelling gatherings, possibly from Abia North, snapped to say that, he would rather vote Mascot Kalu (APP) or Gregory Ibe (APGA), to win the election than for Chima Nwafor, YPP. He rebuked that it’s the turn of Abia North, saying that Abia North people can not settle for Deputy Governor, not when there are people from Abia North, on the ballot for the Governorship. It was generally murmured in acceptance and the young man, angrily walked away.

Notwithstanding, the young man continued that Abians, should not compromise, but must admit that Abia state, need a Governor that will resurrect the epidemic situations of Abia state people, into the most vigorous statuesque of a modernized state.

Abia state, need a Governor that Will declare State Of Emergency on rebuilding and retrieving our lost glory. Abians, are faced with the choices as released by INEC, on those that made themselves available in the poll, to be elected during the 2023, governorship elections.

He also said that, Should Abians, fall to the deceit of politicians, it would be another agonizing four years to deal with and as a matter of facts, those four years would be like decades of penury.

Noting that the simplicity and the ideology of Chief Mascot Kalu, will solve situations and avert the predicaments of Abia state, if voted as governor in this 2023, elections. His countenance are enough to turn over, years of agony into joy, for a fresh breath in Abia state again.

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