2023 Prophecy: Pastor Joshua Iginla–Tinubu too is a major factor, Most Criticised Candidate Will Win 2023.

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  • Most Criticised Candidate Will Win 2023 Presidential Poll -IginlaThe founder of Champions Royal Assembly, Abuja, Prophet Joshua Iginla,
  • has predicted that the most criticised and hated of the presidential candidates will win the 2023 poll.
  • Iginla, who issues prophetic declarations on a yearly basis said this on Tuesday in his latest ‘prophetic release’.

According to PM News, Iginla, warned the ruling party not to take anything for granted.He was quoted as saying,

“For 2023, those of you following me from 2021, 2022 will attest to it that even before the primaries of the political parties, I said Wike is a factor and Tinubu too is a major factor.

And you attest to what happened in 2022.

“Don’t misquote me, the ruling party should not be over courageous because I see a fight of two lions and a tiger especially in the gubernatorial elections of some states.

There will be a win and gain here and a lost there.

Concerning the presidential election, I see the most criticised and hated candidate emerging winner under the permissive will of God. Don’t under estimate the Labour Party.

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