Ahead of 2023: Deny Southeast Presidential Tickets, forfeit Nigeria – Ohanaeze Youths Council to APC, PDP

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Igboayaka .O. Igboayaka - Ohanaeze Youth Council - Meeting - 9NEWS NIGERIA
Igboayaka .O. Igboayaka - Ohanaeze Youth Council - Meeting - 9NEWS NIGERIA
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ABUJA (9News Nigeria) – The apex youth wing of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide- Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC) has urged every critical stakeholder in Nigeria to consider earnestly the Nigeria president of Southeast extraction 2023 as a call to build a new Nigeria.

The National President of the Council, Comrade Igboayaka O. Igboayaka stated this at Sheraton Hotel Abuja today, Saturday, during an interface with newsmen.

Igboayaka bemoaned the political fragility of Nigeria which he regretted was at its peak of breaking, as he lamented the scars as have been inflicted on the nation.

He maintained that denying a Southeastern aspirant the presidential ticket would inarguably deteriorate the condition of the country into a more piteous sight.

He said: “The only remedy is to collectively install Southeastern person as the next president of Nigeria. There is bruises and wounds all over Nigeria, the only balm to heal the wounds is by APC and PDP giving their presidential ticket in 2022 to any aspirant of Southeast extraction, any mistake will take the wounds of Nigeria into cancer that will lay Nigeria to rest at the end of the year 2022.”

Comrade Igboayaka stated emphatically stated that the ultimate price of peace and unity every “reasonable Nigerian would pay is to embrace in its totality the Nigeria president of Southeast extraction in 2023.”

Igboayaka wailed that Nigeria had been struck with a dangerous pandemic and renowned moral political scientists have discovered the political Vaccine which is “Nigeria President of Southeast extraction Vaccine”


He, amidst indignation, threatened that “any conspiracy by powers that be to deny Southeastern APC and PDP tickets will be like the result of the rejection of ‘Aburi Accord of 4th/5th January 1967’ by Gen. Gowon.

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“Any aspirant that is not from Southeast aspiring to pick APC or PDP presidential ticket in 2022 is like someone removing the roof of his building and expects not to be drenched when the rains come. It may be a constitutional right of any aspirant to vie for the president of Nigeria in 2023, but it’s a moral and conventional right of Southeast to produce the next president of Nigeria, Igboayaka insisted.

Continuing, he said: “It’s on record without debate that Southeastern has made themselves “Land Lords” of the Nigeria project; 2023 president of Nigeria needs that Zone that has property in all the Local Governments in Nigeria”, he added.

He reiterated that having a Southeastern man in Aso Rock would unify the various tribes and expedite the development and rebuilding of every nook and cranny of the country.

“It will stand as a symbol of unification. Such Zone that scattered their properties in all the Local Government in Nigeria, if President of Nigeria comes from such Zone, it will take development and rebuilding of Nigeria to all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria. A Southeastern is that person, and this region stands in a center to rebuild the crack walls of Nigeria.

“The selfless effort of Southeastern technocrat and politicians in building PDP from G-34, holding strong to it since 22-years is enough sacrifice to collectively relinquish PDP presidential to a southeast aspirant.

“Among the three legacy parties that formed APC, a Southeaster person is the leader of one of the legacy parties, ANPP led by Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, who mobilized Ndigbo and all his loyalty across that 36 states of the federation and build APC. With structures of APC, (legacy party) CPC, ACN and ANPP that brought APC to power in 2015, a Southeastern s morally and conventionally suitable to fly APC presidential ticket in 2023. Therefore, any attempt to subvert this justice will spell the obituary of Nigeria in 2023”, Igboayaka roared.


The visionary Igbo youths’ leader, Comrade Igboayaka declared that no fewer than 30 million Igbo youths would invoke the law of rebel for political freedom “by every means necessary if PDP and APC deny Southeastern presidential ticket.

“If there’s any reason a Southeastern can’t be president of Nigeria in 2023, there shouldn’t be any reason Southeast to be the party of Nigeria beyond 2023. This is a choice for every Nigerian to make; moral and conventional law should be respected thus allowing Southeast to produce the next president of Nigeria.

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