Breaking: A Man Found 1.8Million Naira, In A Cartoon Of Indomie And He Returned It Back To The Owner.

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A man Found 1.8Million In A Indomie Cartoon And Returned It To The Owner,

No matter how this life is, we will still find truth worthy person. Here is a man, whose name is Chidiebere Ogbonna found money that worth #1.8 Million in a Indomie Cartoon, the most wonderful thing is that the man return the money back to the owner.

On this faithful day, Chidiebere Ogbonna went out to buy a cartoon of Indomie from his customer. After he bought it he headed back home. But when he get home, when he found in the cartoon is not what he expect. In this cartoon, he found an amount worth of #1.8 Million. In his statement, he said that his mind firstly told him not to return the money. But he control because he is a good Christian. He said he return that money the same day. Where the woman thanked him for such an act and rewarded him packs of indomie.

According to the report we got, the money in the indomie cartoon was filled with #1,000 which was counted and resulted to #1.8 Million.

The woman said in her statement that the man can keep coming to her shop to collect indomie cartoon for free till December.

Some people ask him why he chooses to return the money back to the own, despite all the hardship in the country due to the lockdown. He said that, his mind didn’t want him to return him but he control it and said the money was not his and he has chosen to return it.

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For this country to be better, we need more of this act from our leaders and we, citizens.

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