Breaking: Watch Out For Your 2023 Next President And Governors, Says Evang Glastine JP

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Happy New year 2023 to all Citizens, Friends of Nigeria, it’s our year of Great Rewards with Supernatural Surpluses if we keep focusing on doing good to one another because Nothing good will locate u nor happen to u if u refuse to do something Better ( like Isaiah 1v19). So hear me Gentlemen of the Press as I address some National issues through the Gifts of Prophecy in me as an Oracle of Jehovah God according to Amos 3v7), I see a power exchange in Kaduna, From this January let Governor Nasiru Ahmed El Rufai of Kaduna State start to arrange his bags and properties, his Political structure will Collapse in that state, he will lose gripe/ influence of Kaduna after his 8 years tenure ends by MAY 2023, the Politics of godfatherism won’t work for him, another Party will defeat APC by Mercy and Grace come March Governorship elections. Yes watch out, many Political godfathers will cry bitterly and openly this 2023, the People’s Choice ( Votes) will counts so much this time, those wicked/ selfish Politicians can’t Deliver their Boys as usual.I foresee a Brighter New Nigeria kicking off from Many States Government Houses, new eggs with fresh Air and Creative Ideas shall Emerge Winners as Executive Governors, Senators / Reps members to many States, from February Next month. I see the Re-election Victory of Lagos state Gov. Babajide Sam, he is a hard-working visionary Young Politician, and both the Governor of Ogun State and Prince D. Abiodu shall succeed for 2nd term in Office. And the victory of the Lagos state Governor doesn’t have to do with Gov. Wike’s support, no no. Already their love for the work of God, I mean Dr. Babajide and Prince Abiodun are speaking favor ahead for both of them before the Electorates, and the Prayers of their Spiritual Father, Pastor Dr. D. Olukoya of Mountain of Fire Miracle Church where they worship as Christian Politicians, matters a lot. But the Governor of Oyo state Dr. Seyi Makinde will be in trouble if he doesn’t set up now, I see failure knocking at his door, he is a good young Leader but he has been Brainwashed by the G.5 Cabal, and such will generate a negative force against his 2nd term election. Once again, Gov. Wike of Rivers state has spoiled and damaged his good future Political Career, he can never become a President of Nigeria even in future elections because of his selfish interests in Politics of Bitterness, he will remain a noise maker and a dictator. Even some men like Engr. Tein Jackriche Jnr, Senator Okorocha, and his Ikwerre Brother, Barr. CR. Amaechi CON Etc has a Better hope in the future to Occupy the Asorock Villa Abuja as President. friends as you can flash back to my Prophecies last year which were recorded in the Media globally,u do hear me Reveal many things like Chief Nnamdi Kanu of IPOB won’t be Released in 2022, both the Acting MD of Nddc serving till January this New year 2023 before handing over to the New Board. Therefore, I am Prophesing here that two Anointed Clergymen shall Break records by Winning Elections as Governors in two Powerful States Government Houses within the South-South. Yes listen to me as I hear from the Spirit of God, Pastor Umo Eno of PDP Akwa Ibom State will defeat Senator Bassey of YPP Party in Uyo, Power retains power in that state, and Arch Pastor Tonye Cole of APC will shine, and defeat Senator Magnus Abe of SDP in Rivers state, PDP with many other Political parties shall fail because the Grace of taking Over the Brick house of Port Harcourt as the Next Executive Governor is Released upon Arch. Cole, and it has not happened like this before, just because of the Finger of God, T. Cole will become the First Pastor Governor to Reign/Rule in River state, and his tenure will last for ( 8 good years) mark my Word if I am a Servant of the Highest God. And anybody is permitted to Arrest me right away if am speaking of myself, or keep me in the Police cell till after the March Governorship elections this 2023, if anyone else wins the Election then deal with me bbbadlyut since Cole shall win, I must be released. once again God is interested in Nigeria, and Nobody can Islamise Nigeria as I Prophesied in the City of Abuja in August last year 2022. In Bayelsa state I see PDP retaining Power, in Cross Rivers state I see APC winning the Governorship election, and in Delta state I see the Deputy Senate President, Chief Omo Ovie Agege winning and becoming the New Governor. Even it is very clear to me in the Spiritual realms that Ambassador Oji Ngofa shall win his Senatorial seat by defeating the PDP seating Senator Barry page. also, I see one Hon Dozie F. Nwankwo winning his Senatorial zone election from Anambra state by February 2023, he will Crossover from the House of Reps to the Senate Red Chamber in Abuja and shall become the Youngest serving Senator in Nigeria. Moreover, Concerning Rivers state Politics, I see Hon Barr. Alice Nimi- Lawrence getting a Political Appointment to serve her state again, she is a great Educationist, and the Government of Cole will use her, both Hon Barr. U. Reginald, Hon Mrs. Dappa Beatrice the APC Rivers Woman Leader, and Hon Dr. Chris Mbata, etc shall have key Appointments this year 2023 as among the Cabinets members of Governor T. Cole, he will create Jobs in the state and promotes Youths Capacity Building. Watch out for Gov. T. Cole with his gifted wife Doctor Mrs. Sylvia T. Cole this 2023, their grassroots Developmental Strategies/ Economic Policy. He is determined to take the Government down to the Roots of the grass, not only a City Governor. Yes, he will attract Foreign investors to Rivers state and facilitates visible Dividends of Democracy to our Villages ( Rural Communities) even by promoting Love, Peace, and Unity in One Great Rivers state. Congrats in advance to one former SUG President of UST campus PH, Comrade Mazi Maxwell I see u have a special Appointment in the Brick house, already Prince Barr.Tonye Princewill shall secure an Appointment at the Federal this year, both Chief Odi Odum shall be Re-Appointed by the New President as a Hon Minister in Abuja with a Bigger Portfolio, and even Senator Abe will receive a Compensation Portfolio at the Federal level because he will lose the Governorship election here in Rivers state.Shalom Shalom and Congratulations to Hon Engr. Chichi Dimkpa for his Presidential Appointment into Nddc New Board Members even as I salute / Commend the outgoing Acting MD Dr. Emmanuel Audi for his great Achievements too. Let’s keep our fingers across because the Best is yet to come, But I urge everyone to Love this Nation Nigeria, be more Prayerful against insecurity and injustice in this Country, and the wicked ones shall not go Unpunished according to my Bible 1Samuel 2 v8-10/ Psalm35.and Please get Closer to ur Maker / Creator ( The Almighty Father) because Heaven & Hell are real and Rapture the second coming of King Cristo Jesus can sound anytime. Finally, Concerning the Presidential Seat Dr. Peter Obi of the Labour Party is a good product, Chief Nnamdi Kanu with his Biafra Agitations has damaged the Political Career of Obi, and he won’t win this election no matter the Endorsement by fmr President O. Obasanjo, even Gov. Wike will work for him, Obasanjo is not the God or owner of Nigeria. so Obi may become President in the future but not this 2023, Chief Obasanjo with due respect I speak as a Prophet, he can’t decide the future of Nigeria, he may advise but He and Gov. Wike, etc are Political Maradonies, they are looking for somebody they will control in Villa Abuja.I see Senator Bola A. Tinubu winning the Presidential elections by February, APC will defeat Atiku Abubakar of PDP and others just for a Divine Agenda which shall be made known later, I don’t support the Muslim/ Muslim ticket, but Tinubu will surely win and he won’t last long in Asorock, something mysterious will take place for a Christian President to replace him still from the South. Mark my Words, and Remember what I said about APC Rivers state winning all her Court cases last year in November to Bounced back to the INEC Ballots Box, and such Prophecy all came to pass to the Glory of God ( my Caller John8 v28-29). Yes, this is Evangelist Amb.Glassine JP, the Coordinator of; I Believe Prayer Team -Niger Delta Zone, an Intercessor for Israel/ Nigeria. Tel; 2348035510206, Facebook; Glastine JP, and Email:

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