Breaking: Zimbabwe elects Mnangagwa president

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President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been announced as winner of Zimbabwe’s July 30 presidential elections. The 75 year-old leader polled 50.8 per cent of votes as against 44.3 per cent polled by his closest challenger Nelson Chamisa of the MDC Alliance..

Zimbabwe electoral rule says a candidate needs to win 50 per cent plus one vote to clinch the presidency.

In the final result declared by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, Chamisa won 2,147,437 and Mnangagwa led with 2,460,463 .

Before the result of the last province of Mashonald West was added, Chamisa had 1,921,714 votes, while Mnangagwa got 2,147,628 votes.

Mashonaland West was the stronghold of former leader, Robert Mugabe, who urged voters on Sunday to snub Mnangagwa and other members of ZANU-PF as punishment for toppling his administration last November in a military coup.

Here are the complete results:

Manicaland Province
Nelson Chamisa MDC Alliance = 296, 429
Emmerson Mnangagwa Zanu PF = 292, 938

Midlands Province
Nelson Chamisa MDC Alliance = 255, 059
Emmerson Mnangagwa Zanu PF = 350, 754

Mashonaland Central Province
Nelson Chamisa MDC Alliance = 97, 097
Emmerson Mnangagwa Zanu PF = 366, 785

Matabeleland North Province
Nelson Chamisa MDC Alliance = 137, 611
Emmerson Mnangagwa Zanu PF = 111, 452

Bulawayo Province
Nelson Chamisa MDC Alliance = 144, 107
Emmerson Mnangagwa Zanu PF = 60, 168

Matabeland South Province
Nelson Chamisa MDC Alliance = 90, 292
Emmerson Mnangagwa Zanu PF = 107, 008

Mashonaland East Province
Nelson Chamisa = 189, 024
Emmerson Mnangagwa = 334, 617

Masvingo Province
Nelson Chamisa = 171, 196 votes
Emmerson Mnangagwa = 319, 073 votes

Harare Metropolitan Province
Nelson Chamisa = 548, 889 votes
Emmerson Mnangagwa = 202, 710 votes

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