Chrisland Again: Family Of Dead 12Years Old Student Petitions School Authority

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From Princely Onyenwe

Call for Justice- 12 Years old Whitney Adeniran died out of carelessness of the managers of Chrisland International High School, Family Alleged.

Thursday February 9th, 2023 was a dark day to both the management of Chrisland International High School Opebi Lagos State Nigeria and to the family of a 12 years old Whitney Adeniran who died during the 2023 Inter-House sports at Agege stadium.

Report has it that the young girl slumped and died while the sporting competition was still on and later was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was confirmed Dead by medical experts.

Chrisland International High School has expressed regrets on the death of one of their lovely students but the parents of the late Whitney Adeniran has faulted the school management for not providing first aid or emergency care to their daughter which has led to her death.

The parents even cliamed that their daughter passed on in the field during the Inter-House sports not in the hospital as cliamed.

12 Years old dead Chrisland student

This was as a result of alleged unprofessional attitude of the school management who could not provide necessary first aid and medical care units or even ambulance in such an Inter-House sports.

Though the school has sympathized with the family while stating that such incident can occur to anybody at anytime pending the individual’s actual state of health.

According to the family, “The school has been asking us to back down from autopsy and I know they know their way into the system”

The parents are demanding immediate answer from Chrisland International High School while calling on the Pathology department of Lagos state university teaching hospital LASUTH to be honest with their result.

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The family is using this medium as a matter of Justice for their little late daughter WITHNEY ADENIRAN, to call on spirited individuals, non-governmental agencies, civil rights groups, lagos state government and the media to help out.

Watch this video below and read the original copy of the parent’s petition:

For the general information of the public, can Chrisland school held such a magnificent event without a simple fully equiped Ambulance, no paramedics, medical personnel or no safety corps, no paramedic?

Late Adeniran

Pls we need JUSTICE FOR WITHNEY ADENIRAN! they must not cover this. The mourning mother screamed.


Good day Nigerians.

This is a call to all well meaning Nigerians to come to my aid. All bloggers, all medias and all government agencies. Ministry of Justice, Dss and every intelligence Agency. All human right activists. This is a call to all of you. If you are reading this information kindly come to my aid.

My names are Dr Micheal Adeyemi Adeniran, I am a father of a 12 years old Whitney Adeniran who died at chrisland International high school, Opebi, Lagos inter house sport at agege stadium. On 9th /2/2023

My daughter’s name is (Whitney Adeniran).

Dr Adeniran with his lovely daughter Whitney Adeniran

It happened that my daughter attend CHRISLAND HIGH SCHOOL and it was their inter-house sport event Thursday, February 9th 2023 and she dressed up from home, healthy with no health conditions or sickness at all,the school bus came to pick her up to the venue of the event at Agege stadium.

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To the biggest shock of my life by 1pm in the afternoon I got a call from my wife that she was informed that our daughter slumped at the inter house sport and she was rushed to the clinic.

My wife was at the venue even before she started.

She was never informed or call untill they have conveyed our child out of the venue before they informed her.

On arrival of my wife at the health center where they took my daughter. my daughter was lying dead With her lips black and her tongue black.

My wife called me urgently, I left my office to the place and found my 12year old daughter lying dead on ground.

I asked question for what happened to my daughter and the school authority could not get me any meaningful information as to what happened to my child in their care.

I gave chrisland school a healthy vibrant young girl what Chrisland return to me is a dead child. My entire family is in deep sorrow but the school Authority claimed they know nothing about my daughter death and all they know is that my daughter slumped and died.

For the general information of the public chrisland school held such a magnificent event without a simple fully equiped Ambulance, no paramedics, medical personnel or no safety corps, no paramedic except a school quack nurse . Who later confess to me that the child died even at stadium but she can not pronounce her dead because she is not a Doctor.

My question is what happen to my daughter at agege stadium. As a father I demand answer from chrisland international high school. I am in deep pain and sorrow right now. If you are a father you will understand my pain. My daughter is highly loved by us. We cherished her existence and we can never allow and institution to gloss over the death of our daughter.


Since we started asking this question . The school has been asking us to back down from autopsy and I know they know their way into the system.

Late Student of Chrisland International High School, WHITNEY ADENIRAN

I am calling on:

The pathology department of @lasuth to please be honest with their result.

Lagos state government, Nigeria Goverment, please intervene.

All authorities kindly help my family to look into this matter.

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