Exposed: Obaseki Plot To Settle Chief Francis Inegbeneki With 600m, Senatorial Tickets Leaks

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Busted: Plot By Obaseki To Settle Chief Francis Inegbeneki With 600 Million, Senatorial Ticket Leaks

Days ago the social media was abuzz with a misleading story of how the Edo Central Senatorial Leader of APC, and the UZOYA of Esanland, Chief Francis Inegbeneki decamped from APC to join the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

Investigations from our strategic research team have it in good authority that there was indeed an overture made to Francis Inegbeneki to cross over from the APC to the PDP.

The deal was worth a staggering 600 Million Naira offer.

According to reports, the emissaries from Obaseki was to approach Chief Francis Inegbeneki with an initial offer of 450 Million naira which was practically to mobilize the Esan votes for Obaseki, along the line Obaseki was told that Francis Inneh was not that cheap and the prize should be raised to 600 million Naira.

Obaseki instructed the emissaries to plead with Chief Francis and ask for his forgiveness, he claims Obaseki completely rubbished Francis Inegbeneki in the past and the High Chief might just be aggrieved.

“How can we win Esanland without Francis? He should be made an offer, I am sure he’s simply upset about the role Obaseki played in truncating his senatorial ambition, a little oiling of his structure would make him have a rethink and we can settle him for the Senatorial ticket this time around

Funny enough the spirited moves by Obaseki to win the support of Chief Francis Inegbeneki collapsed like a pack of cards.

Francis Inegbeneki allegedly refused all entreaties made by Obaseki’s emissaries and issued a stern warning to Obaseki to stay clear from Esanland.

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Livid with anger Chief Francis was alleged to have severed all remaining ties with Obaseki following the latest olive branch extended to him by the PDP.

Let me categorically tell you that Chief was mad with anger and has sent a warning to Obaseki to take his eyes off from Esanland, he was so angry that he contemplated setting up the emissaries with the cash, they were lucky that they read his body language quick enough, if I must be candid with you Chief Francis Inegbeneki is not angry with Obaseki because of the roles he played in his senatorial bid, never… High Chief is not happy because of the way Obaseki has abandoned Esanland without a single project to show for it.

This is not about self-interest but a burning desire to see our people enjoy the full dividends of democracy.

Esanland has been completely shut out from governance and that is the bane of the crisis between Chief Francis Inegbeneki and Obaseki.

Imagine Obaseki even promised him a senatorial ticket, can you imagine such insult?

Can Obaseki that does not know where he belongs give someone a senatorial ticket?

That was how our source in the political camp of Chief Francis Inegbeneki responded to our inquiries.

With just a week to go the Edo Governorship elections seems to be gathering more political storm.

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