Former IGP Okiro Reveals How Politicians Pushed Him To Contest Election, Collected All His Savings

Nigerian Senate
Nigerian Senate
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A former Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Mike Okiro, has revealed how some unnamed politicians allegedly “swindled” him out of all his savings when he contested Senate seat after retirement.

Okiro, who spoke in Abuja at a programme tagged: “Presidential aspirants’ media interactive platform” organised by New Nigeria Dream Initiative (NNDI), explained that some group of persons tricked him to join the political race after he left office and gradually collected all his money till he was left with nothing.

Nigerian Senate
Nigerian Senate

“I am talking about this thing because once in a time, the politicians have faults but we have more faults than the politicians. I have an experience, let me share the experience, I corrected myself and I said bye bye to that thing.

“I contested election in Abuja here, Senate. I was on my own when they called me to come and contest. I said I have just retired, they said no, come and contest! I said Okay, I will discuss with my wife. I told my wife and she said I am afraid.

“So, they would come to me and say we want to go here, bring money; we want to do this, bring money; we want to do that, bring money; I gave all my savings, nothing again to give. They came one day, I said I was not going to give more money because I have nothing to give you.

“They told me the former man was not doing very well but I should come and try. You want me to give more but where do I get money from? I said okay, let’s do it this way, assuming I now go to borrow money or sell property to give to you, and I am elected, of course, the first thing I will do is to pay back that debt and all the property I sold, I buy them back.

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“I know that after four years, there will be another election, I will reserve money for that election so that I will not borrow again. You people are the fault of this government. We should say no to election vote sellers.”

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