If any political party has done well for us the youths then,machine guns will not be needed for riggings and killings~Shom Fanen Akor

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No doubts, the youths of any society or any nation are the backbone of that society or nation. We live in a nation where our youths are strong, educated, fearless, courageous etc but yet our possessions are far fetched.

The “noks & crannies” of our dear nation are not friendly,trekking is on the increase as kilometers & miles of securing a good job have successfully being elongated by the wicked,diverters,looters and all those who wants to have it all by themselves and their immediate families.Our brotherly love for one another is lost! Tribalism, Religion and political affiliations have created a very big barrier amongst us.

But of the truth,A tribe that ask you to hate,kill or to spill blood just to settle a dispute does not only hates you but also kills your brother and that juicy youthful voice that would have one day stood for us as a united youths.That religion;that is so precious that you must kill for it before it progresses should be erased and the good parts of it that preached love should be brought forth before us for usage.A good Religion, should teach us to love and to live in peace and not to kill and spill blood for it sake!

Political parties are supposed to be institutions of credibilities and not institutions of trained youths called “thugs” handling machine guns(AK-47,49,Artilleries antiaircraft)

If any political party has done well for us,then,machine guns will not be needed for riggings and killings.

In every organization, the youths are always the targeted populace.
The earlier we recognised the injustice done to our future and that of our unborn children then we will continue to trade in darkness and search for what is hiding and cannot be found.

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Let the light shine Nigerian youths!!!


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