Chief Okelekwe Kodilichukwu
Chief Okelekwe Kodilichukwu
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The pursuit of good governance in Anambra Central should focus on encouraging trustworthy and competent electoral candidates; individuals who are committed to serving in the public’s interest.

The race towards improving accountability and good governance begin now, and the power is in the people’s hands.

The focus should be on encouraging and building the Anambra Central Senatorial district; its citizens and young people hope to see.

The redundancy we’ve seen in Anambra Central political antecedents is a product of bad representation.
This is because representatives have been after their own parochial interests and wealth.

The question keeps coming; how formalistic, descriptive, symbolic, and substantive has previous representation been?

In every advanced country, they leverage on good laws and policies to boost economic growth, human capital development and infrastructure projects to facilitate growth for the people.

Thus, in a democracy, representation is leadership, and true leadership is effective representation.
This brand of leadership is trust!

On an honest note; weak political institutions, a weak democratic culture which leads to political instability, and political apathy on the part of the people, keep making room for the emergence of the wrong calibre of leaders.

Have the poverty, unemployment, weak resource base, attendant low revenue profile, weak infrastructural base, fuelled religious and ethnic differences, changed over the past decades of previous Anambra Central Senatorial district representation.

While good governance depends on building strong institutions that provide the framework for politicians to act in the public’s interest, it also depends on choosing competent and trustworthy politicians who have the strength of character to uphold the values of the institutions in the first place.

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For one reason, delegates should, therefore, demand and elect political leaders who are competent and honest, but how can this be guaranteed?
By their fruits, deeds and antecedents, can we attest…

Ndi Anambra Central, the autonomy of the representative and the autonomy of the represented have been breached!

It’s time to evaluate the previous representatives, which we must look beyond their activities and claims; but consider their impact, sustenance of said projects promises kept and development executed on the represented.

Chief Okelekwe Kodilichukwu’s aspiration coupled with his leadership antecedents proceeds to change the occurred abnormalities, with onboard political realities; thus changing the former experience of Ndi Anambra central to the original concepts of political Representation.


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