Nigerian Leadership Can Only Succeed Through Unity And Sincerity Of Purpose- Amb.Princely Onyenwe

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The condition of Nigeria and the expected governance needed by her citizens must not be overemphasized.There is no doubt the electioneering season is close by the corner and the electorates are seriously warming up to choose their best choice of candidates among the million crops of Politicians that will file out to the field of play.

To this end, the political atmosphere will no doubt begin to steam up despite all the odds and challenges bedevilling the society.

From the point of history, there is no perfect government in the world but from the point of experience and application of leadership there are governments better than others in ways of administration, adjudication of justice, management of different ideologies, resources control, improvement of human and capital developments, stability of economy and security intelligence gathering.

However, ‘It will be adviseable to steady the ship of Nigerian state to elect candidates who have the vision, capacity, credibility, love and the demonstrated ability to deliver the mandate of the people in the 2023 Upcoming Elections.

Most importantly, the people must alighthen their ineremost mentality to play good roles to choose rightly and follow up their votes to the declaration starve. The people have the responsibility to protect their vote.

Our policies are good but it will be better we follow it up one after the other. There is no how the optimist’s view can work in a country where practicality of governance is open to everyone. Here, the country do not need continued long waiting hope that may eventually turn into turn into the horror of futility. It will be foolish of any human being to keep hoping on unseen images to build up his/her vision board.

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I charge NIGERIANs to be more realistic and proactive to be able to maintain and sustain quality Governance. There are some assertions and rhetorics that must be jettisoned for a country to grow rapidly and such upgrades are needed for us to build a better society where great ideologies and innovations will flourish.

However, the above can be achieved by acknowledging the huge degree of ethnic diversity amongst us, establishing an equitable formula and creating a system of government were all ethnicity have a voice and are be fully represented otherwise peace will continue to be a scare and elusive commodity.

The media have to play commendable role in this process as the fourth estate of the realm to establish a balanced and sincere reportage deviod of manipulations or propaganda. The press has to learn to be better. It should be fair and accurate.

Besides, the problem with the moral relativist approach to determining moral judgments is the inherent ability for man to reason and what ultimately makes a good for man.

I argue the Aristotelian approach; the notion that something is evil/bad is when one does not exercise virtue.

In otherwords, Virtue does not come from at random, it comes through habit and practice.

If we are to be a morally good person we must have habits in which make us virtuous in the first place. What makes a virtue is what makes us happy long term (not to be confused with pleasure or high social status.

We have to also acknowledge the fact that the possession of self discipline enables U to choose and then persevere with actions, thoughts & behavior, which lead to improvement & success.

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It also gives us the power & inner strength to overcome addictions, procrastination and laziness and to follow through whatever we do.

In our Political atmosphere, do we have discipline? In our respective families do discipline exist? In our social contract with the people, do we recall our sense of discipline to respect eachother’s opinion and deliver good governance? And finally, are we humans ready to discipline ourselves in all circumstances to live an honorable life?

It is very unfortunate that the prefix meaning of the word Honourable is being abused and battered by its bearers whereby causing confusing in the application of leadership.

In summary, it is a great question to ask, how ready are Nigerians for the 2023 Election?

I urge us to acknowledge this crying voice from the wilderness!! I speak for unity and sincerity.

Amb.Princely Onyenwe writes from Owerri

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