November 2023 Imo Guber Tussle: The Devil We Know Perspective

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Mazi Olisaemeka Maduagwu Jr. (Owerri)

In the upcoming Imo State gubernatorial contest in November 2023, the theme “the devil you know” holds great relevance. Often, we find ourselves confronted with difficult decisions, where we must choose between what is familiar and what is unknown. In this context, it is important to consider the incumbent Governor, distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma, who is regarded as our best option at the moment, albeit not necessarily the brightest.

Drawing from biblical references, we can find parallels that shed light on this theme. In Isaiah 28:29, it is stated that “This also comes from the Lord of hosts; he is wonderful in counsel and excellent in wisdom.” Here, we are reminded that God’s wisdom surpasses our understanding, and oftentimes, His ways are not aligned with our human perception of brilliance. Similarly, Proverbs 3:5-6 teaches us to trust in the Lord with all our hearts and lean not on our own understanding.

In the context of the Imo State gubernatorial contest, it is essential to consider equity and the principle of giving who has performed creditably well another chance. While Governor Hope Uzodinma may not possess the shiniest brilliance in his leadership, it is important to recognize his accomplishments and the progress made thus far under his ephemeral administration. Equity demands that we weigh the familiar and the known against the uncertainties that come with change. By doing so, we can make a decision that is fair and just.

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In the Bible, there are numerous instances where leaders were given a second chance. Moses, for example, was initially hesitant to lead the Israelites out of Egypt due to his perceived inadequacies. Yet, he was chosen by God and ultimately became an exceptional leader. This serves as a reminder that sometimes the path to greatness may not always be immediately apparent.

As we approach the Imo State gubernatorial contest, let us reflect on these biblical teachings and the principle of equity. While Governor Hope Uzodinma may have areas where improvement is needed, it is crucial to consider the progress made under his leadership thus far. By granting him another chance, we demonstrate our commitment to fairness and enable the potential for further growth and development for the state.

In conclusion, the theme “the devil you know” is significant as we navigate the Imo State gubernatorial contest. While Governor Hope Uzodinma may not be the brightest, he has shown potential and deserves another opportunity to lead. Let us embrace equity and base our decision on a careful assessment of his performance, giving due consideration to the progress made under his watch.

Maduagwu writes from his palatable Oguta Ameshi Country home.

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