Okunbo Idahosa Cries Out,Says Gov Obaseki Wants To Burn My Farm,Revoke My Certificate Of Occupancy Because Am Not Supporting His 2nd Term Bid.

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I see history repeating itself before our very eyes.

Between 1896 and 1920, Agho Obaseki Ogbeide-Oyo fought hard for power,culminating in a callous betrayal of the Kingdom and the Ọba Ovoranmwen Nogbaisi, the unprecedented bitter struggle for power with Ovoranmwen’s son Aiguobasinmwin ( you dont struggle with the Ọba). All ended in pains and defeat for Agho Obaseki and those who supported him.

Agho was seen more as a foreigner as his grandfather came in from Nsukwa in present Delta State, sojourned a bit in Ike, Uhunmwode Local Government ,before his own father, Ogbeide-Oyo moved to Benin City. It must be noted though they initially moved from Benin to Nsukwa because of a conflict between then and a certain Oba of that era.

Then came Gaius Obaseki, who didnt also grow up in Benin. Hẹ also fought for power even more, burning houses of political opponents, using his links with Ibadan to intimidate all those who stood against him. Hẹ struggled for power,using every unorthodox means. Hẹ had a bitter feud with the Ọba Akenzua,but at the end, hẹ also totally lost out.

Godwin Obaseki had his early years in Benin where hẹ was laid back,nonchallant about life, did poorly in School , earning him the sobriquet NFAite, euphemism for unserious , no good boys in Benin.

Hẹ was farmed out to Ibadan,like his grandfather Gaius Obaseki, where hẹ graduated from the University of Ibadan and settled to live in Lagos. Nothing was heard from him between that time and 2009, when Adams Oshiomhole invited him to join his Government as a Special Adviser ọn thẹ Economy. That was how Godwin worked his way into Oshiomhole’s heart and the rest is history.

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As soon as hẹ became Governor using Oshiomhole, hẹ quickly showed there was nọ friendly snake. Hẹ started fighting all those hẹ did not like their guts, turning people against established orders and lying to the people to make them feel hẹ was fighting their battles, the same way Agho Obaseki tried to convince some Palace Chiefs and other Benin people in 1914 that it would serve a nobler Benin purpose for him to become the King. Nothing could be farther than this. Godwin Obaseki is repeating the histories of his fathers.There have been accusations of attacks and throwing of bombs into houses reminiscent of the attacks and burning of houses orchestrated by Gaius Obaseki in 1951.

Nọ one should see Godwin Obaseki’s struggle for power now as just mere political contestations for the Governorship of Ẹdo State. There is an underlying, sinister agenda that targets our Edones and what makes us unique. Let him that reads understand. If Godwin Obaseki suceeds in this present political struggle ( God forbid), the next direct target will be the home Leopard ( I spit out!)

The two earlier Obasekis did not suceed in their agenda and did not end well. This one shall not be different .

By Favour Onoruese (9News Nigeria)

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