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-Dr Ezeafurukwe Paul Ihunanya

January 15th was historical in Imo State.It was a day of redemption, salvation and deliverance for Ndi Imo.

A day God manifested himself as the alpha and Omega of the universe.

Many were angry and bitter forgetting what the bible said in Jeremiah 29:11 “‘For I Know The Plans I Have For You’ Declares the Lord, ‘Plans to Prosper You and Not to Harm You, Plans to Give You Hope and a Future.'”

This plans of God in Imo is gradually manifesting but just like Satan always feel bad about the progress of God’s people, The Oppositions in Imo are bitter and angry with the progress so far

To them, let Imo sink because they are not incharge

To them, let their be anarchy for people to believe that they meant well

To them, let’s everything destroy since it’s not them

To them, nothing good should happen to Imolites because they are not the ones giving directives

Their mentality is this “If it is not us, it can’t be anyone else”

That’s the wickedness we are talking about.

Last year, the shared prosperity Government of His Excellency Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma released 2B naira for Youth training

The opposition mobilized massively against the program

They wrote several propaganda against the widely accepted Imo skill acquisition program

Little did we know that they were going behind to apply and get trained

Just like Nicodemus, they were meeting the leaders of the shared prosperity government in their various LGA to get them involved


They discouraged several Imo youths from participating while go behind to participate

This is pure wickedness.

We all were thinking they will never think of going close to the training talk more of getting shortlisted for empowerment

But yesterday to our greatest surprise, those who said several things against the program took the center stage

Even before 8am they were seated at the stadium for verification

Same people that discouraged others from participating are now benefiting from the same empowerment they discredit


Dear Imolites, the opposition in their numbers are wicked and deceitful, they want to destroy the Imo we all have laboured so much to build just because they are not incharge

Just incase of next time, do not listen to their falsehoods and propagandas

They will always want to discredit the programs of this government but go behind to seek the face of the same government they discredit

Don’t take them serious cus they are deceitful

They are the real enemies of this State

Just like God instructed us in Ephesians 5:11, please have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness and also in II Corinthians 6:14 “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers, therefore, I say to you this day, come out from among unbelievers and their deceitfulness, and separate yourselves from them. Don’t touch their filthy things and don’t listen to their lies.

Happy Sunday and a prospective New week Ahead

9News Nigeria (Owerri)
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Paying Social Media Jobs
Paying Social Media Jobs
Paying Social Media Jobs