Opposition In Continued Effort To Breach The Peace And Security Of Imolites -Henry Emerekowe Writes

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Opinion: Henry Emerekowe (Owerri)

Since the day His Excellency Dist Senator Hope Uzodinma assumed the seat of the Imo State Governor, the opposition in Imo State has continued to peddle lies and cheap blackmail against the Governor, in a concerted effort to bring down the Hope Uzodinma led administration.

These disgruntled power drunk expired political elements of the opposition, have continued to spread their falsehood and deceit on social media, thinking it will be an easy way to black-paint and rundown the Governor and by so doing, return to power. Little did they know that the mandate of His Excellency Senator Hope Uzodinma is divine and as such cannot be booted out in a hurry.

The recent press statement released by the Imo PDP through their kindergarten publicity Secretary named Collins Opurozor, a psychopath from whose mouth oozes odour typical of a decomposing corpse in which he accused the Governor of hatching plans to assassinate his (Opurozor’s) paedophile, homosexual partner named Ikenga Ugochinyere goes a long way to prove what the PDP’s stock in trade has been since their sack from the Douglas House.

If truth must be told and believed, what is Uzodinma looking for in a man as dirty as Ugochinyere? What has Ugochinyere that Uzodinma would in his remaining life on earth be jealous of, to an extent of elimination of the said Ugochinyere? What good thing has Ugochinyere become in life that Uzodinma is still dreaming to become? What position has Ugochinyere ever occupied both at the State level and Federal that Uzodinma has not attained?

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Similarly, if indeed Uzodinma for any reason ( though not in his person), desires to eliminate Ikenga Ugochinyere, would he (Uzodinma) blow trumpets to inform the said Ugochinyere and PDP?

Infact, it is practical that the onus of proof lies first, ” on him that alleges”. Therefore, I urge the IGP, the Commissioner of Police Imo Command, the Director of DSS in Imo State and other security agencies to as a matter of public peace and security, arrest these criminals in PDP clothing to unravel the motive behind such a damaging allegation capable of breaching public peace against a sitting Governor of Imo State as their arrest and prosecution will help the public to understand that the insecurity witnessed in Imo State is the making and machination of Imo PDP and their allies.

Feel free to share with us, your opinion and make your comments and responses accordingly.

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