Senator Ifeanyi Ubah trying to hijjack the #EndSARS ptotest, An attempt on futility.

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When i was personally saying about politicians in Anambra trying to hijjack the #EndSARS protest many who where ignorant of the type of unsincere politicians we have here thought i was only expressing my imaginations.

Just when many Anambra youths, who may have never believed on the End Sars protest initially are now queing up to join the movenment as the emancipation of young people is getting clearer, a suprise package emerged.

First was a political rally so to say at awka, where chief Willie Obiano and his aide started campaigning on the ground of the #EndSARS protest.

Second was Senator Ifeanyi Ubah hireling some youths from one of his political structures for his governorship ambition 2021 known as Afa Igbo Efuna in disguise of coming to protest at his home on saturday 17th of October 2020.

Its on record that the acclaimed protesters that visited the Anambra south senators home, are not faces known by the Anambra real #EndSARS protesters family.

Infact the ignorancy of this said protesters was visible to all who cared about the labours of fellow Anambra youths.

The different approach to the Anambra youths protest are also in clear view.

Some of the visible different approaches as experinced by the hired protesters at the Senators home are as follows;

1- the agreement by Anambra youths of saturday prayer protest across the state was not observed by this group.

  1. The same placard inscription used by this protesters.
  2. The same #EndSARS t-Shirt which clearly shows its a sponsored one and in all as protesters in Anambra do not have any t-shirt recognised for protest.
  3. Going to politician house instead of yhe normal protest held on the streets generally in Nigeria.
  4. The Ifeanyi ubah student group that held meeting the same day joined the protest at the senator ifeanyi Ubah’s Home also claming to be protestants too and after which they went ahead to publish same on social media in other to project there principal as the major supporters of the youths to ridicule fellow sincere youth protesters.
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Finally, let it be notable that Senator Ifeanyi Ubah who is now playing the God of Anambra youths has never made any speech condeming the SARS and police brutality in the wake of this agitations in the senate or any where in the state.

Thank you.

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