Shocking: As Atiku’s Photos Go Viral In Electoral Cash Distribution Scandal

Nigerians have been reacting to a large number of envelopes containing Atiku’s picture and money; the envelopes were labeled with the beneficiaries’ names and the money due to them.

According to words obtained from Bush Radio sources, Shekarau was allegedly given a hundred million nairas for switching from the NNPP to the PDP. In essence, it was the largesse that was shared when Ibrahim Shekarau defected to the PDP.

Shekarau, who recently left the APC for the NNPP, is now the most expensive player in the Nigerian league, having switched three times in less than six months.

Trust Nigerians and their savagery; they have since descended on the PDP presidential candidate, with the majority believing that is how the former Vice President will buy his way into the villa if not closely monitored.

Some also referred to what Obasanjo was alleged to have said about Atiku’s proclivity for corruption. Anyway, here are some photos of the booty.

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