SHOCKING: I See Hon Samuel Nwanosike Running Away From Rivers State, Gov Fubara Is The David Of Our Time, Says Evangelist Glastine JP

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The coordinator of Visa Network, Evangelist Amb Glastine JP released some powerful revelations as we stepped into June 2024

His messages are stated below:👇👇👇

The man of God who has delivered many predictions/revelations even in Aso Rock villa Abuja, home and abroad based on Divine Instructions is here to address the press. Listen and hear me, ladies and gentlemen of the press you will see great political revival /drama this June, etc in Rivers State and the Nation of Nigeria.

Yes, Mr. President will shake and change some lazy/corrupt politicians in his cabinet before the end of August, the economic hardship in Nigeria will reduce and even our naira will appreciate better against the dollar rate this year. But as a prophet of Jehovah God, I want to announce to all Rivers citizens that Hon. Samuel Nwanosike, the Ikwerre Local Government Chairman will run out of Port Harcourt.

Because the battle will damage his political career and properties, he can’t withstand Mr. Governor no matter his fitches power and Abuja connections, he must leave (vacate)/ be removed from office this year, even if the court will disappoint him and his paymaster (FCT Minister Wike) because power comes from God Almighty.

Governor SIM Fubara was raised and planted in the Brick House of Port Harcourt as a chosen David of Rivers State who killed Goliath of old in the Bible according to (1 Samuel 17). Yes friends, Sir Sim will prevail in this battle.

He should get ready, his tenure must end and he will pay for all those insults and political attacks against a seating governor. Remember his master Chief Wike was not challenged this way throughout his eight years as Rivers State Governor, while is he fighting Governor Fubara now?

So I pity him, and all those political Nebuchadnezzar/ Goliaths of Rivers State will be killed Politically, they will run out of Port Harcourt city or bow to Governor Fubara, Dssr this is what the spirit of God told me that will happen this 2024 onward, so Governor Sim cheer up and don’t be afraid you will win this political battle, prevail and laugh at last because the battle is of the Lord God Almighty (Our Man of War/fighter like Exodus 15 v3).

See, both Hon. Samuel Nwanosike, Dr. Alabo George Kelly, Senator Olaka Nwogw, Dr. Chidi Lloyd and a few others will all regret and relocate out of Rivers State, you can’t have two captains in a boat.

Also, Governor Sim will soon repair and restore all the primary health centers in Rivers State to international standard, he is a listening and humble Governor for the masses, unemployment rate in Rivers State will be reduced, watch out for what he is doing a reading at the RTC transportation company in waterline’s area of Port Harcourt (RTC is back to life).

Governor Sim will become one of the best/lucky Governors of Rivers State, God will use him as the chief guest for the dedication of the Salvation Ministries International Headquarters Church building at Airport Road Port Harcourt within his tenure, and he will be a builder/restorer of wasted places, hopeless situation and will recover the lost glory of Rivers Stat.

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Even my savant Pastor, Dr. David Ibiyeomie of Salvation Ministry Church is a visionary leader, divine help interventions will locate him more, and no evil plot or gange up can stop the completion/dedication of that dynamic and amiable headquarter church before 2026, Governor Fubara with my daughter Dr. Mrs. Ngozi Ordu will make history and break record in Niger Delta Region by touching lives positively (thus says the Lord of Hosts- Amos 3v7).

God will bless Apostle Suleman Johnson more and all the faithful covenant gospel ministers globally, Apostle Johnson will later occupy the position of Pastor Dr. E.A. Adeboye in the spiritual realm here in Africa after he goes home to glory More so President Tinubu and former President Buhari were not born the same day, they don’t have the same destiny therefore, I want to inform Nigerians and the glob that Jagaban Tinubu will not win a second tenure in office come 2027 general elections, he won’t fly if he makes the mistake of re-contesting for a second term because some bad politicians and sycophants have started singing/beating deadly drums for him.

I have seen the handwriting on the war concerning the political situation in Nigeria ahead of 2027 in the spiritual realms, President Tinubu should focus in his 1st term of (4 years) administration, to write his name in the sands of times via good economic policies and promotions of democratic dividends/rule of laws to all Nigerians because there is insecurity, hunger, hardship, tears, and pains right away in this country, even prostitution and nakedness has increase badly. In the 2017 general election, you will see new faces and political parties, watch out for men like Dr. Burkola Saraki, Dr. Aminu Tambuwal, Prof. Pat. Utomi, Prof. Jerry Gana, Engr. Dr. R. Kwankwoso, Barr. CR. Amaechi, Dr. Oby Ezekwesiru, Dr. Ngozi Iweala, Dr. Aisha Amina Mohammad of (U.N), Dr. Aisha Yusuf, Senator Dr. Sam. Egwu, Senator Ifeanyi Uba, and many others who will surface to contest the presidential battle to Aso Rock villa.

But I want all Nigerians to hear me clearly and take note that only the political party that can value and recognize our female politicians shall win the presidential election to occupy the villa Abuja.

Yes, I am the voice of God speaking as His oracle. The party that uses a female as their presidential candidate or Vice President will prevail, in 2027 power must change hands, it is time to encourage our female politicians and give them the platforms/ opportunities to mother Nigeria, it has happened before in Liberia County and India, etc. Let Mr. President forgive and restore the suspended Hon. Minister of Humanitarian Affairs Abuja (Dr. Betta Edu), she was set up and persecuted politically/sexually by a few greedy men in the corridor of power.

They don’t want her in that ministry because of the funds and influence invested to empower Nigerian Youths and the less privileged economically, so MR. President have a good conscience, let him do the needful to bring her back, even the EFCC investigation has not indicted her, or let her be given another political appointment (like an Ambassador to any foreign country), we need to encourage and support our young politicians to grow well in power and be motivated for national development and stop killing /discouraging them.

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Remember she has paid her dues as the formal APC national woman leader, she is a covenant daughter of God via Winners Chapel. Also, Mr. President’s son (Engr. Seyi Tinubu) will become a governor in Lagos State if he works harder and develops leadership principles, even the upcoming Edo State Governorship Election this 2024 shall be won by APC party via rigging of election results, the PDP will cry fowl and go to court because the FCT Minister Wike will be going to Edo for revenge against Governor Obasike’s Anointed choice.

Even in the electoral court case in Kogi State, the SDP party Governorship Candidate Dr M.Ajaka won and defeated the APC Government of Dr Usma Ododo at the supreme court in Abuja, even right away the former Governor of Kogi State Dr. Yayah Bello has escaped and ran out of the country already to avoid EFCC arrest.

Mr. President should show mercy and grant bail/freedom to Nnamdi I Kanu the leader of IPOB (Biafra agitator), let him be released from the DSS prison in Abuja so he can take care of his health medically and his family, if he dies will cause a lot of damages and destruction in this country, it’s time to let him go and let Chief Kanu learn from his past mistake because Nigeria cannot be divided (separate).

Biafra time can’t take place now, we still need each other and I speak as a messenger of Jehovah Elohim who has made me an intercessor for Nigeria and Jerusalem (Holy Land, Psalm 122 ).

Nigeria remains a great nation with plenty of resources for everyone but it is the selfish leaders and greedy politicians who are mismanaging our national resources (cake) and those who are eating alone will die alone.

Once again let Nigerians be careful of our negative confessions, we have to step up and pray for our leaders/the nation that is what the Bible in the book of Timothy instructed us.

Bless your country with words and stop fighting your leaders because power comes from God Almighty whether a Muslim or a Christian president is in the villa, God Almighty is all-powerful and the heart of a king is in his hand (Psalm 50 v15), flashback to what He did to King Pharaoh in Egypt.

Let’s repent again and again, and show more love to each other and courtesy to the Nigerian flag, it matters so much even with the political battle going on in Rivers State, I see the court deciding (ruling) against Chief Wike’s camp (men)he cannot succeed in changing or manipulating the law court in Abuja, just must prevail.

Even those twenty-seven (27) Rivers State legislature members will regret and cry bitterly, Wike will betrayed later and those serving Local Government Chairmen (Ishi Nwanosike and co) will be disgraced out of the office, there is time for everything under the sun, you cannot be an emperor or claim to be a leader and remain in power forever like Ecclesiastes 3.

Even the financial muscle (strength) will crash before 2017 Mr. Governor must probe Wike fully, and I want to inform Mr. Governor (SIM) to investigate the Julius Berger company Plc, I heard in the spiritual as a man of God that Chief Wike has starched (hidden) the resources of Rivers State into that company for selfish reasons and he is owing many contractors (funds), thinking he will become president of Nigeria last year but God disappointed him and he doesn’t want to learn his lessons, amend his ways and change.

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Even gentlemen of the press you will see President Tinubu and the Senate President Dr. Akpabio quarrel and betray Wike before 2027 because whatever seed a man so he will reap it.

Finally, concerning the Royal battle in Kano State, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi has been restated as emir of Kano and nothing can bring him down or remove him from power till 2027 because he has found favor with the Governor of Kano State (Dr. Abba Yufufs), let’s keep praying for peace and progress to be restored in Kano State because a governor to appoint an emir/chief according to our Nigerian constitution, it is only the national traditional council that can remove an emir.

Even on the international scene, watch for what is happening in the Middle East, those fighting Israel will be put to shame, the God of the Jews is very angry against her enemies, both the plane crash that took place last month of May and killed he Iranian President with few Leaders are a global warning. No United Nations International Court of Justice can Arrest the Prime Minister of Israel (D.r N. Benjamin) because he is representing the Almighty Agenda on earth to protect his People (the Hebrews).

The President of Ukraine should be warned not to provoke Dr. Putin the Russian President because of selfish and greedy advice he is receiving from some foreign nations.

I see Dr. Donald John Trump winning the upcoming Presidential election of America this November 2024, he will defeat President Joel Biden because of Divine Assignments to the White House, and he will fight against World Terrorism, the Illuminati, Church of satan, and promote the American economy better.

Shalom Shalom and I remain Evangelist Ambassador Glastine JP, the Coordinator of VISA Network Nigeria Africa for (Humanitarian services. And a Soulwinner for the Kingdom of God on Earth 2 Corinthians 5vs17 to 21)

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