SOS: Umuoma Nekede Boils Over Land Matters, Call On Interest Groups To Sheath Swords, Retract Publications Made Against Lands Commissioner

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The attention of an online publisher and civil rights activists from Umuoma Nekede has been drawn to the series of newspaper publications flying all over the state against the Imo state commissioner for lands, survey and physical planning, Rt. Hon Noble Abiaso Atulegwu, authored by some groups of Umuoma Nekede people over land crises at Owerri- PortHarcourt road.

In a communique made available to 9News Nigeria, Ambassador Princely Onyenwe stated the following:

I would not have reacted to the series of newspaper publications made against the Honourable Commissioner for Lands, Survey and Physical Planning, Noble Atulegwu but to state the facts very clear, I want to say that the publications are not made by the generality of the people of Umuoma Nekede Autonomous community but an individual.

The statements or accusations found in the publications does not hold water and cannot derogate the activities of the state ministry of land’s to nothingness.

I therefore plead with the land’s commissioner to forgive the writer and Umuoma Nekede at large while putting efforts to resolve lingering challenges to complete his official assignment inline with the law governing acquisition of lands in the state.

IMG 20230404 122340 099
Photos: The versed Nekede land along ow-PortHarcourt road

It is not in the character of Umuoma Nekede people to malign or suggest for your sack or the removal of their son in government but the process of law. However, it would have sounded more matured to call the commissioner to order where he is going negative not to move the motion for his sack as reported.

Going through the publications I noted with shock where the writer mentioned that the Housing Ministry having authority over land’s ministry. Indeed the content is laughable but has to be addressed squarely by the government.

On this therefore, may I humbly call on the Imo state government under our dear Governor Hope Uzodinma to please come to the rescue of Umuoma Nekede on this particular land matter before the rift will lead to unrest in the area at this thrilling time. The squabble at the time of this report is going haywire!!

Secondly, may I reiterate that the good people of Umuoma Nekede autonomous community in Owerri West local government area of Imo state Nigeria has not in any way or manner called for the sack or removal of our dear friendly commissioner for lands, Survey and physical planning Hon Noble Abiaso Atulegwu.

Going through the headlines on virtually all the local tabloids in Owerri, the honourable commissioner was maligned and insulted by some group of individuals not the entire people of Umuoma community as reported.

Umuoma Nekede has a good working relationship with Imo state government and our dear brother and son of Owerri West, the commissioner for lands Noble Atulegwu and cannot in any way or manner call for his sack over Nekede PortHarcourt road land saga.

IMG 20230404 122704 366
Reaffirmation of survey plan of the land by group of surveyors

The government is by this 🆘 called to caution the miscreants using Umuoma Nekede as a signature to malign the land’s commissioner. Majority of the families and land owners in Umuoma Nekede are not party to such publications flying on front banners of local newspapers in the state.

May I bring to the notice of the government of Imo state Nigeria that the said land is owned by families and not a communal land. Therefore discussions, compensations and allocations aren’t supposedly done through the families which is the due process.

I am fully aware that both ministries of housing and lands are offshoots of Imo state government and therefore suggest that both organs should resolve and not to allow Umuoma Nekede boil over indiscriminate grabbing of their lands by whosoever.

Meanwhile Interest groups and their attorneys have to make peace and join hands to secure the land through the appropriate ministry. ESVs Chief Lister Okpe, Chief Sam Anokam and other developers or agents of government involved in this particular land should have a round table to resolve lingering challenges than resorting to war war.

It is my humble opinion that the Land commissioner should as a matter of urgency call for an emergency meeting at the instance of the governor of the state to settle lingering crises before the community will turn to war area knowing the risk of insecurity being faced in the state and Nigeria at large.

IMG 20230404 125453 013
Devastation caused by multiple dredging towards the river side of same land

I am therefore using my pen as an educated, exposed, respected and honourable indigene of Umuoma Nekede in Owerri West local government area of Imo state Nigeria, to ask all the interest groups to sheath their swords and come to a round table for peaceful negotiation and possible settlement.

The people are by this release be best adviced to follow the way of Imo state government on proper acquisition of land and issuance of allocation papers.

I am not supporting any individual or persons involved in this land matter but to state categorically that ‘It is very shameful for the people of Umuoma Nekede to rubbish themselves in the public mostly as it is going into a media war. The Umuoma Nekede people cannot continue to rubbish their hard earned integrity because of the reserved wealth of their great grand fathers or their forebears”

It will be a crude mismanagement of priority for the only remaining ancestral family lands to be misused against the good of the people of Umuoma Nekede.

The opening of the Nekede, Avu PortHarcourt road land by the government of Imo state is the best thing that has happened to the families cum owners of the land and the communities at large since it has severally been reported that alot of nefarious activities have been going on in that bushy land before its opening by the shared prosperity government.

I want to reiterate the fact that the capacity lands commissioner, the unassailable majority Leader 10th Assembly and the people oriented government of Imo state are capable of handling this project to it’s finished end.

My I humbly plead the shared prosperity government to please rush to our rescue, the rescue of Umuoma Nekede people without further delay. It is good to make hay while the sun shines. I rest my pen!

Yours Simply,
Princely Onyenwe

9News Nigeria (Owerri) For inquiries on this news contact 9News Nigeria Imo State @08036856526

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