Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB Leader Arrested
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB Leader Arrested
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Since the news broke of the arrest of the leader of the Indigenous People of BIAFRA, IPOB, NNAMDI KANU broke up, numerous divergent stories have emerged and dominated the front page and headlines of various media and ifnormation sources.

On this therefore, there is no doubt the eyes of the world are on the arrest and possible prosecution of the IPOB LEADER NNAMDI KALU but his adherents are without doubts observed to be wounded in their hearts and minds.

It is the prayer of the NIGERIAN citizens that good be done and the good have to be done very rightly mostly in this matter.

As a peace ambassador, it is very evident to say that “peace is priceless and NIGERIA being a peaceful nation with peaceful citizens is expected to continue living in peace by articulating holistically the quest of every single Nigerian irrespective of tribe, sex, color, religion or social status and resolve the anomalies in the polity.

I had thought that this is a sensitive and critical moment of REFLECTIONS on how best to govern Nigeria and Improve the welfare and security of the people.

Meanwhile, Freedom fighters go through many tribulations and trials to bring on board the freedom. The irony of it most times is that some freedom fighters fight the war and others enjoy the freedom.

The saying that “he who talk about the fight is the hero of the fight” is still playing out all over the world. The people are pressured and Ndi IGBO has threatened to react if anything untoward happens to him.

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Let us also have in mind that without the laws and constitution of the land the society will be ungovernable and degenerate to the animalistic status. His matter before the court is slated for 26 JUNE for accelerated trial.

But in the case of NNAMDI, the IPOB leader, he stood firm to his course which is clearly backed up by law. For him to be arrested is a clear testimony that no single individual can make a country. I see his arrest as another process of actualisation of the freedom he is fighting for.

The likes of MADIBA Mandela fought a similar fight and the freedom was given to the south Africans we here their name today.

It is no longer news that he was arrested to face his trials. The eyes of the world are on him. But the law of the federation must be respected in all quests and activism.

I feel it will be more reasonable of the people to Understand the actual reason for his arrest, then begin to douse the tension than raising more panic to commit genocide.

KALU’s arrest is two-way faced.The two ways are actualisation of freedom and denial of same Freedom. Yes Kalu was arraigned before a federal high court ABUJA barely 48hours after he was arrested abroad by the INTERPOL and brought back to Nigeria.

I am also aware that this is a high class security issue and certain talks at this time may not be admissable by law.

Therefore, no matter how he was captured and taken to the federal high court ABUJA, the best interest to follow is to allow justice prevail.

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Recall that that AGF has maintained that Kanu will be triedon charges bordering on terrorism, treasonable felony, unlawful possession of firarms, management of unlawful society and others.

The judiciary is to decide the actual position of this matter but until then I feel KALU’s adherents and IPOB have to follow the matter the way it is and go ahead with life.

Freedom indeed is a task to difficult to trade on but with facts and evidences, there is hope for every freedom fighter to succeed.

Let peace reign!!

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