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History doesn’t lie. | Before the advent of Islam in the history of the Persian Empire, Christianity was the national religion of Turkey. As a matter of fact, it was in the Bithynian city of Nicaea that the first Christian Council was held in anticipation to put together a detailed account of Jesus Christ and the Prophets in what is known as the Bible today.


In truth, the Roman Emperor, Constantine ruled the Roman empire from Ottoman (Today’s Istanbul in Turkey) as at the time he was converted to Christianity after his encounter with Christ. He was the first emperor of Rome that had the councils of Bishops as his advisers.


It was from a city of today’s Turkey that the proclamation to end the fierce persecution of Christians was made about 300 years after the death and Resurrection of Christ. Yet, 1,400 years after, Turkey fell into the hands of the Seljuk Sultanate of Rum after the fall of Constantinople in May 29th 1453.


The rise of the Ottomans correlates with the decline of the Byzantine Empire, which generated the shift in power from a singular Christian European society to an Islamic influence.  History shows that the residence of Turkey though under political persecution did not accept Islam as their faith, but held onto their faith in Christianity.

After several failed attempts by the Islamic conquerors of the empire to foster the spread of Islam to the Christians, they trickily brought about an untold economic hardship on the people for several years that was later recorded as a time of an economic famine. (A severe shortage of food {as through crop failure} resulting in violent hunger and starvation and death). To the rescue came a direct intervention by the Sultanate. But this rescue was said to have been accompanied by conditions; (WILLFUL CONVERSION TO ISLAM). And by the end of about 2 centuries, the entire empire (Country) had totally submitted to Islam. Today, Turkey is one of the most dedicated Nations of the world to Islam only next to Saudi Arabia.

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Today in Nigeria, Buhari patiently waited for 12 years trying to become the Nigerian President and failed in all 3 attempts. In the fourth attempt, he was presented as a messiah to the Nigerian people. He promised to feed every Nigerian child once a day. He promised to provide 24 hours of electricity to Nigerians. He promised to reduce the price of fuel to N40 in 3 months. He even promised to stabilize the Global price of Oil and equate the Naira to the Dollar. He promised free education at certain levels and subsequently represented a better life for Nigerians. It was called CHANGE. 15million of the 180million Nigerians fell gullible to the deception amidst warnings from several quarters. In the end, only 12.5million Nigerians that did not fall for the deception were allowed to vote.


Now the reality is here. Buhari did not come for the positive change he talked about, but came to repeat the 14th century Turkey strategy in Nigeria 700 years after.

As soon as Buhari arrived, he set in motion the death of the Nigerian economy by withdrawing all funding in the economy and therefore killed the banking sector that is designed to empower the economy through credit funding. He set loose the fulani herdsmen to go on a killing spree. These killings is to force the non-muslims communities in the south, middle belt and core north to accept a Grazing area bill which will enable the militia arm of the Jihadist to be positioned in all locations waiting for the takeover orders. Some of the Boko haram members have also been recruited into the Nigerian army and posted to the south to legitimize the slaughter.

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With the decline in the economy, an untold hardship has been let loose, and the Islamic Banks is already here to the rescue. These rescue will also come with a condition; CONVERSION TO ISLAM for those that may require their finances. It will be an underlined body language that only Muslims can secure the non-interest loans. When the conversion for survival is on the majority, the militia arm of the jihad will be ordered to strike the lesser half into submission. The instilled fear will generate either a massive exodus of Christians from their homeland like it happened in Turkey or a massive conversion with the “Sword or Koran” battle like it happened in Illorin and other western African States.


A lot of us have seen a flag of Nigeria that was presented with the Koran and islamic inscriptions some time ago in Iran when Buhari presented Nigeria as an active islamic nation. (I have reposted it here) While Nigerians are engrossed in the economic hardship that is currently ravishing the nation, the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVE is busy doing a successful second reading of a bill to pass the Sharia Criminal Law as a legal system;  as an amendment of the fraudulent 1999 constitution headed by a Christian Speaker. And yet not a word about this has been made to the public. History has proven the in the cause of forcefully or technical spreading of Islam, the greed of gullible and selfish Christians have been taken to the advantage.


I write this article as a warning against my wish of not wanting to write non-politically correct articles. Our struggle to save Nigeria seems not to be producing results. The realization of these reality to Islamize Nigeria by all logical and survival means is one reason that should motivate our resolves to express our rights to self-determinations and go our separate ways before it is too late.

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The Western powers of Obama (Hillary Clinton) will do all they can to keep the not-too-intelligent Buhari in power just to be able to be indirectly in charge knowing that the intelligent south will never submit to their antics. Till date, no one knows what the US Secretary of States discussed in privacy with the Sultan and a select Northern Governors. President Jonathan faced their axe for dealing with the more reasonable and industrious China and Russia.


Because I am writing from a handheld device and on transit, I may not be able to say all I would wish to say. All I can say to our southern brethren and Northern Christian brethren is to stay awake. Put meanings into any strange behaviour of Buhari. Stand firm in Christ and pray fervently or else, in a few years, this country Nigeria will be used as a reference point where the Turkey strategy worked after 700 years.

Source:  Africa Free Pres

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