The Singaporean man whose cars are all Gold plated revealed

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Three gold cars from Saudi Arabia (back-front) a 6x6 Mercedes G 63, Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe and Lamborghini Aventador have received parking tickets on Cadogan Place in Knightsbridge, London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Wednesday March 30, 2016. See PA story TRANSPORT Knightsbridge. Photo credit should read: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
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Recent sightings of gold plated super cars worth over $1 million that were spotted in London and Singapore, Singapore recently have caused a great deal of speculation over the identity of the owner. The fleet of impressive vehicles includes a $370,000 Mercedes G63 and a $220,000 Bentley, which are covered in gold. A $350,000 Rolls-Royce and a $350,000 Lamborghini Aventador SV have also been spotted in the capital city. Cars were spotted in Kensington, London, over the Bank Holiday weekend and Singapore, Singapore earlier this month.

Three gold cars from Saudi Arabia (left-right) a 6x6 Mercedes G 63, Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe and Lamborghini Aventador have received parking tickets on Cadogan Place in Knightsbridge, London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Wednesday March 30, 2016. See PA story TRANSPORT Knightsbridge. Photo credit should read: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Gold plated cars worth over $1 million revealed to be owned by Binary Options trader, who works from home, Alex Ong

After some confusion that it could have been a Saudi prince or oil tycoon the owner was finally found on instagram and revealed to be binary options trader Alex Ong. Ong is a new wave of millionaires from the lucrative binary options industry. He is perhaps one of the more flashy types, with most binary options traders preferring to keep a low profile. Some though, can’t help to show off their extreme riches and this may be the most extreme example we have seen to date.



Mercedes AMG parked in London, one of several owned by flamboyant binary options millionaire. British born Ong imported his cars from Saudi Arabia and has yet to change his licence plates to the UK version, causing some controversy.

Now that it has been revealed this is not “yet another rich kid” speeding around Singapore with daddy’s wealth, there has been keen interest in how this self made millionaire earned such massive income from online trading. Binary option trading is not new, its been around for a while. But only recently, with regulation relaxed in Singapore have regular, non finance experts been able to start trading with it. In fact, these days with the new software created by Banc de Binary and other brokers, it is easier than ever to setup a trading account.



Binary Options trader Alex Ong parks his fleet of gold cars at a top London hotel.

So, what is “Binary Options” and how did Alex Ong manage to use it buy $1 million worth of sports cars? Binary options is actually so simple, this is part of its appeal and success. There are only 2 possible outcomes, win or lose. You decide whether the price of a stock like Amazon or Facebook will go up or down. Once the trade is placed, you wait as little as 60 seconds. If you were right and the stock went up (or down if that’s what you chose) then you win, doubling your money immediately. However, if you were wrong, you lose and you also lose your stake.

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Ong goes shopping in London’s Mayfair. The Singaporean born options millionaire imports his cars from Saudi Arabia.

So, the question is, how do some guys manage to “beat the system” every time, winning way more trades than they lose and earning millions in just a few weeks from a very small initial stake. We spoke to Darryl Kane of Kane Associates, a Durban firm advising rich clients on how to invest their money. Kane usually manages the fortunes of lottery winners, sports stars and popstars who came into a lot of money, very quickly. Kane’s research revealed “over 80% of our new clients earned their money in binary options trading”. His firm conducted an internal report that revealed more millionaires are created each day in Singapore using binary options than anywhere else. “It’s much easier to earn $1 million from binary options that to play pro sports or win a talent contest!” Kane said. He goes on to say, “It’s remarkable, young men without degrees, experience or any financial knowledge are cleaning up and earning millions.” They use free software programs provided automatically  by the trading platform, so they don’t even need to chose trades. They win a lot more than they lose, so the earnings just shoot up.



Ong shows off his gold watches on Instagram after “a successful day of trading”.

So, we might yet see more gold plated cars on the streets of Singapore, Queenstown and all over Singapore. But if it is so easy, why doesn’t everyone do it? Well, this is the key to it. Due to regulations, only a limited number of people can join per day. We asked around the different brokers and most had already filled their quotas. Eventually, we got talking to Banc de Binary, one of the leading brokerage firms for binary options trading and also the one used by Singaporean millionaire trader Alex Ong. We asked them to explain how it all works.



Banc de Binary reveal the secret to successful trading on BBC Finance show earlier this year.

The process is surprisingly simple. First, you open a free trading account with them, usually you must be invited by an existing trader but most people can sidestep this as we explain below. Once you have an account, you need to deposit some money to trade with, the minimum starting amount is $250. This is like putting money into your online “wallet”.  You can deposit more if you want, the more you start with the quicker your money grows. But you can always just withdraw it. In fact you can deposit it and then withdraw it even if you never trade. Some players do this just to earn their free sign up bonus but this is generally a foolish mistake, as the real money is earned by “trading”. So, how do we then start trading? There are 2 options for this. You can place trades yourself. Say you think the price of oil is going to start going up, you can make that trade. But the easiest way is just to put it on “auto pilot”. Let the advanced trader software do all the trades for you. This is how the “big money” guys do it. It is just that simple.

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Binary Options has created more millionaires in 2016 than any other method, eclipsing lottery winners, poker stars and even inherited wealth.

As part of our research, we spoke to Thomas (not his real name). He is was one of the top earning binary options traders last month with Banc de Binary. He shared his experience. “When I started I had no idea what I was doing, I just hit the “auto pilot” button, you  know? I suppose deep down I was expecting to make a few hundred quid. But then the money started going up. And the more it went up, it started rising quicker. To be honest, I felt more anxious than excited, if that makes sense. I didn’t believe it was happening. I let it run for a month and then “cashed out”. I only started with $250 (RM 1000) but made A LOT more than that. I paid off my student debt and I’m going to travel around Europe for a few weeks while I think about what to spend the rest on. I’ll keep on trading, too. Its easier than a day job. I’m very grateful for being accepted by the broker. Will I buy a gold car? No way, I’m not flashy but fair play to anyone who wants to. Real people deserve to be rich, not just people born with moneywho get jobs in their family business.” Thomas would not reveal how much he earned but he has clearly been successful.


UK Chancellor George Osborne is said to be furious that “regular people” can trade with Binary Options so easily. He wants to close the market to “work from home” traders soon. He has the power to do this in the UK but no control over Singapore, so many British people are moving to Singapore to keep trading.

Our investigation into binary options trading led us to realise that while binary options trading is clearly an easy way to earn money quickly, there is one difficulty. It’s hard these days to find a broker with good auto trading software that will accept new clients. It is also expected that this method of profiting from the markets is so easy it is only a matter of time before the government try to restrict it, causing a rush to get on board while there is still time. There is some good news though, after speaking with Banc de Binary about their service they have offered limited places for Global Finance readers to sign up and test out the service. Not only that, they have even offered a 100% sign up bonus. That means, if you deposit $250, then you get $500 on your trading account.


Ong plays with his “toys” off road in the middle east before importing them to UK. Born in Singapore, a working class 24 year old, Ong now shows off his extreme wealth with pride.

It should be noted, before you go signing up for it, that not every trader is going to make $1 million per month from trading, although some clearly do. You might find that you make only $5.000 in your first month’s trading. Maybe more, maybe less. But even at that, it’s still a life changing amount for most people. At Global Finance, we won’t promise that you will make millions from binary trading. But we would  like to hear from you about your experience. If you do sign up for Banc de Binary, please tell us how you got on and how much you made during your first month. And what did you buy with it? Just remember, Ferrari’s look better in red 🙂

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To sign up for a Banc de Binary trading account with 100% free bonus worth minimum $250, please sign up using this link.

UPDATE: July 2016… In response to lots of interest from our readers we can provide more information about the process of signing up for Binary options trading. Follow the steps below to get started. Please note this is a LIMITED opportunity and only a few people per day can join. Please follow the below steps carefully. If you are not accepted for an account unfotunately we cannot help with that, it is first come first served and there are very limited places available per day. But you have a good chance to get an account with the links we provide here. Good luck and comment below about how you got on. Global Finance News.


  1. First you need to visit the broker Banc de Binary with this link Banc de Binary Sign up
  2. You need to register on their site. You need to fill out all the details
  3. You then must deposit RM 1000 (or more if you want to) to get started. These are your funds and you can withdraw them. You must deposit the minimum amount to be accepted by the broker
  4. Once you are fully registered, Banc de Binary can help you with everything you need to start trading. You can then expect to earn several thousand rand per month, if you follow their advice. This is the lowest estimate based on our extensive research and interviews.
  5. Finally, sit back and watch you bank account grow. Good luck to all our readers.

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