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In this opinion pieces, Abubakar Yusuff, a Political Analyst and Babatunde Adekanmbi, a Digital Creator shared their perception about Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu Presidential Ambition, The Yoruba Race and the forthcoming Electioneering Year 2023.

The yoruba race is apparently one of the major in Nigeria and Africa. Going by what was taught at the primary and secondary school by history teachers respectively. History have it that oduduwa who is the founder of yoruba preclinical administration.

He had seven sons who later founded the first seven kingdoms of the yoruba land and these kingdoms were united under a universal leader refferd to as Alaafin of Oyo Although, ile_ife was the spiritual capital of the yoruba kingdom however Oyo is known to be the political capital.

The yoruba political administration is based on the ultimate principles of check and balances which implies that each of the administrative level can check,challenge or nullify actions regardless of the administrative hierarchy.
The political structure of the Yoruba land revolves around many figures starting from the Obas who is the political head,council of chiefs, the king maker which are refers to afobaje, the ballet,the army reffered to as Esho and the religious cult.

From time immemorial till date we have had various yoruba social,cultural and political groups spring up to fight for the interest and maintaining the warning influence of the yoruba race in the federation, notable among them is the Afenifere group which was founded by some visionary like-minds like PA Abraham Adesanya, the late Chief Bola Ige to mention but few,also another yoruba group that has been making headline in most recent times is the Amotekun which was founded in year 2022,with the soul aim of curbing insecurity which have delve into the southwest region,the Amotekun corps are based in all Southwest States with the exception of Lagos all this establishment are meant to facilitate the stance of the yoruba race to ensure that the dignity of the region is well protected.

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Looking at where we’re now, considering the developmental stages that have transpired , the hurdles the yoruba race have successfully overcame right from the time of Chief Obafemi Awolowo a man who stood for justice, an advocate of free education for all , a man who equally fought for the nation independence, experienced the successful transition with his other counterparts from the North and South regions respectively but never get to be the President in which his interest was jeopardised.

The struggle continues to the time of a philanthropist 30yrs after, a man of the people who was a blessing to many, Chief Moshood Kashimawo Abiola he was indeed the best president Nigeria never had, he was denied a clearly won election which was declared the best, free and fairest election ever held in Nigeria till date. Although the yoruba race experience a level of significance after the emergence of Chief Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo as the President after a successful transition by the then Abdulsalam Abubakar military administration but ever since then yoruba race have been craving to be back on power but The northerners have been a stronghold dominating through the party PDP, now the narrative is changing as a Man known as jagaban of Borgu a name he got from the Emir of Borgu kingdom or better still the Lion of Bourdillon. He is the new man on everyone’s lips, he has built up leaders in every nock and crannies of Nigeria in the past 16 yrs monitoring the political atmosphere, gone round the four walls of The country and now he believes he has the capacity and the technical requirements to lead Nigeria to the promise land, and truly he does and he’s saying it’s time for him to rule, to liberate the country from the enemies within and outside. He believes he can facilitate the economy as he did in Lagos state.

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The Asiwaju Presidential ambition is not geared towards jeopardizing the interest of Northern Regions or any other region as many have presumed. It is yet another move to change the narrative of things when we look critically at his political antecedents, from his role as senator in 1999 to the time he govern the center of excellence known to be the most economical viable state in Africa, a legacy he built and on which government afterwards have leverage on and they equally have been able to replicate that.

We should be realistic with ourselves, the country deserves a personality that will further propagate the interest of the nation for the betterment of our nation and her citizens and whether or not the Lion of Bourdillon will become the next president of the federal republic of Nigeria, only time will tell and voting populace will make a choice through the ballots.

With this transformation he has effected over years his presidential ambition will Foster the same and better results considering the ecosystem we’ve now coupled with technological innovations he’ll be deploying. Although Asiwaju is known to be the Man of the people his good work keeps speaking for him, his style of leadership is worthy of emulation and this will loudly speak for him.

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Babatunde Adekanmbi

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