Visit To The Church,Where Dead Woman Was Raised Back To Life.


By Atseyinku Emmanuel (9News Nigeria.


9News Nigeria team paid a surprise visit to the pastor’s church, where a Dead woman was claimed to have been raised back to life.

The pastor responded to News Men Who Visited him during one of his church services today 26/08/2020.

The pastor gave account on what happened on the 16/08/2020 in his church which he said was God’s manifestation. “it was a miracle,” he said.

He also said that God can do anything, and because of that he decides to leave all judgements for him to decide.

9News Nigeria team also interviewed two of the church foundation members who attested to the acclaimed miracle.

They all agreed that it was God’s doing and that they urge born again Christians to believe in God’s miracle. “Miracles are real,” one of them exclaimed.

To watch the video of the interview, visit 9News Nigeria facebook page

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