2023: Avoid Fake News, Misinformation In Your Campaign – Buhari Warns Politicians

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As campaigns to usher in a new political dispensation for 2023 begin, President Muhammadu Buhari has said he welcomes the initiative undertaken by the National Peace Committee to commit all political actors to issue-based campaigns devoid of incitement, personal insults, and attacks.

Reiterating his commitment to peaceful, credible, and transparent elections, President Buhari said what the Peace Committee, led by its chairman and a former Head of State, General Abdulsalami Abubakar, has been doing over the years, aligns with his belief that Nigeria needs peace to achieve credible elections.

”The 2023 election is more than an election, it is an opportunity to serve Nigeria, to defend Nigeria, and to uphold her unity and progress,” the President said re-echoing the words of the Chairman of the Peace Committee, last week.

He stated, ”Therefore, I call on all Nigerians, political parties, politicians, security agencies, the Independent National Electoral Commission, and all stakeholders to ensure that Nigeria is placed first above regional and sectional claims.

”I appeal to the contestants, especially their publicity agents and media advisers to shun personal attacks, avoid insults and incitement, reject the spread of fake news, and commit to issue-based campaigns and political rallies.

”Once again, let me emphasize that everything must be done to support the National Peace Committee in its work to ensure peaceful elections in Nigeria.”

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