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Atiku Exposes Tinubu, Set Social Media On Fire

The Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP H.E Atiku Abubakar has released a statement that is sending shock waves across the political landscape in Nigeria.

Atiku who has known Tinubu for several decades appears to be at a loss as to who Tinubu truly is.

In a tweet on his verified X page, the former Vice President wrote:

“I woke up this morning wondering how we got to this cul de sac. In 1999, @officialABAT claimed he attended St. John’s Primary School, Aroloya, Lagos, before proceeding to Children Home School in Ibadan. According to him, his next port of call in his educational journey was Government College Ibadan and, Richard Daley College and Chicago State University in the United States. Curiously, in 2023, Tinubu settled with attending only @ChicagoState. I am scratching my head. How is that possible? Methinks that all well-meaning Nigerians should be as confused as I am with Tinubu’s declaration that he had no primary and secondary education, yet he has a university degree. You may wish to #AskTinubu how he attained this feat so that we can learn from his ingenuity 😆 -AA”

Recently, Abubakar approached a US court for the northern district of Illinois in Chicago, for an order compelling CSU to release the academic records of Tinubu.

The case appears to have triggered confusion in the camp of certificate forgers and those shopping for technicalities to illegally keep them in power. The next few weeks will be interesting as Nigerians passionately wait to see the “magic” that transformed a Nigerian with No primary or secondary certificate into a holder of a Chicago State University degree in Business Administration.

Wisdom Nwedene

Wisdom Nwedene studied English Language at Ebonyi State University. He is a writer, an editor and has equally interviewed many top Nigerian Politicians and celebrities. For publication of your articles, press statements, contact him via email:

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