BREAKING!! President Putin Sacks 1,000 Personal Workers Over Fear Of being Poisoned

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Vladimir Putin was already aware that his future actions would bring unrest even amongst his own compatriots a report has revealed.

Just a few years ago, the Russian president was closing deals with other countries and getting along fine with most of them. But his recent desire to conquer Ukraine and fight against the West has brought him to commit war crimes that will inevitably turn him into a pariah.

According to a report from Inside Edition, close ties to the Kremlin who leak information to them confirmed a chilling action Vladimir Putin took about a month ago.

The report said the Russian president suddenly started firing his own personal staff following which about 1,000 people lost their jobs.

When we say personal staff, we mean Russian employees who actually serve him his food and tend to him on a regular basis, Marca reports..

It was also reported that Vladimir Putin keeps a specific staff member who always tastes his food before he starts eating. All of this behaviour is very common from dictators or tyrants who are usually afraid for their lives.

Venezuela’s dictator Nicolas Maduro has the same type of behavior that Putin began to display since before the invasion. Texbook dictator behaviour that doesn’t surprise anybody. It is obvious that Putin is already fearing a possible coup and many assassination attempts from his own people. We know from experience that Vladimir Putin tends to poison his own opponents. But, is this even a possibility for Russians?

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