Buchi Oparaugo To APC Delegates: Do Not Vote For Retrogression

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By Princely Onyenwe, Abuja

One philosopher once said that he has so much fear for a segment of the society. When asked to explain further, he said that he has massive fears for the idiots in the society. When pried futher, he said that they can even elect a president. Also, the holy book supports this by saying that when the righteous is in power, the people rejoice but when the wicked is in.power, the people perish.

We are in a 21st century where atavistic methods are moribund and must give way to modernity and technocrats who understands the language of a fast driven world. So, it is vital to expose the enormous powers the delegates have in the final third of electing leaders.

In a few days time, the world would hear from you and i want this time to be very different. The delegates are gods bestowed with the strong task of laying a foundation by voting people from where the leaders would emerge in general elections. Therefore, you are under all kinds of oats both spiritual and otherwise to ensure that the right candidates emerge.

If by hook or by crook you sell your conscience at a time like this, you have not only sold your self but your entire generations of households, villages, towns, states, country and unfortunately children yet unborn. The gratifications that comes with selling your conscience lasts for a little time while the pains lasts a long time.

The delegates are the foundation laid for structures to be built. Whatever you approve for the public is what they work with. Time and unnecessary sacrosanct understanding won’t allow further questioning and so is approved for elections. If merit is not considered, comes very disheartening and unfortunate morons who at best should remain husbands at their respective homes.

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I, CHIEF BUCHI OPARAUGO, do appeal to you to reach down your heart of hearts and be kind to your generations who desire good things of life that come from government. If you vote for misfits because of flimsy excuses instead of merit, you have gone contrary to certain oats and spiritual conotations.

The development of our cummunities start from your decisions on who represents us. If you produce idiots, they will be voted in and the ugly economic anus will always be there for all of us to smell. Please my dear delegates, vote wisely by voting in High Chief Buchi Oparaugo to turn our pain into plenty good life because our lives matter.

Credit: Chuma Anene

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