CIA blames Nigeria’s woes on inefficient administration

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THE President of Chartered Institute of Administration, CIA, Dr. G. U. K. Chima, has attributed the debilitating problem of recession, graft and failures in the public and private sectors to inefficient administration.

He said in a statement: “The country was very unlucky that her vast resources were grossly mismanaged due to ineffective administration. All these were due to maladministration, which left the citizens impoverished, marginalised, oppressed, jobless, hungry, and sick all in the midst of abundance.”

Dr. Chima decried a situation where “experts are not given opportunities in appointments and square pegs are forced into round holes.

“How can they deliver or even harness the economic or organisational resources when the art of professional administration is still kicking and alien to those who would not want to update their knowledge and become professionally relevant in the country?

“A time shall come when aspiring political office holders must be mandated to undertake professional administration competency training and become chartered administrators so as to imbibe our ethics and standards, which are essential for accountability, probity and transparency.”

The CIA President described as shameful a situation where many administrators retained their offices, while court cases were pending against them.

Source: Vanguard

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