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At about 4:45pm today in nnewi roundabout near Eastern mass transit there was a serious misunderstanding between two individuals by the name Prince Ume-Ezeoke Eric .C a personal assistant to HRH Ofobuike.A. Ezeoke of igwe amichi and Mrs Ifeanyi Anyaegbunam.. I spoke with the both victims and I gathered information. Mrs Ifeanyi told me that she was passing by the roadside when Mr Eric passed with a car and hit her on her leg with the tyre, she now knocked on his window screen only for Mr Eric to come down and held her on her clothes, out of her anger she climbed his car and hit the windscreen and it cracked and got damaged, this brought a serious fight that individuals gathered and was against the woman, while I also spoke with Mr Eric and he told me that he never hit her with his car tyre but just the side mirror that touched her, because she climbed his car and broke his windscreen, he just tapped her and she was still claiming right.. Mrs ifeanyi said if Mr Eric don’t apologise she won’t repair the windscreen eventhough she can afford to buy the car and windscreen
I also asked an eyewitness, he said “her legs wasnt hit by a car tyre, that if actually it was hit by a car tyre there will be dust on her legs and she won’t be able to walk” .. Mrs ifeanyi still stood her ground to say that she was hit by a car tyre and expecting apology from Mr Eric but he didn’t and that made her damage the car windscreen.. eye witnesses were saying the woman behaves mentally deranged. Mr Eric was still insisting that Mrs ifeanyi repairs his car windscreen not until individuals begged him to apologize to her and they both now agreed to good terms…

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