Gov. Uzodinma’s Media Team: Sam Onwuemedo Blasts Ogubundu Nwadike, Calls Him To Order

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By Sam Onwuemedo (Owerri)

Following the alleged counter attacks launched against the Publisher of Whitepaper Newspaper Owerri by a notable writer in the state, Sam Onwuemedo has lambasted Ogubundu Nwadike while calling him to stop demarketting the already established leadership potency of the 3R government by His Excellency Governor Hope Uzodinma.

In his opinion, Onwuemedo has reeled out cogent facts and figures to portray his points. Read below:


  1. l know Hon. Mbadiwe Emelumba, the Commissioner for information and Strategy. He is old in Journalism Career. lf it was to be in the legal profession, he should be a SAN by now. l acknowledge that and always have that in mind, when ever we have an encounter. We have remained bossom friends. l have only felt that if one has anger as an issue, he shouldn’t take it to official position. That’s all. He is a doyen in the pen job. That, l can attest to.
  2. My own brother, Oguwuike Nwachukwu, the Governor’s Chief Press Secretary and Special Adviser on media, is equally an old hand in the pen vocation. He has gone a long way. He can always raise his fingers to be counted. He has the experience. He has the discipline. He has the record of success in the Profession.
  3. Hon. Ethelbert Okere, in charge of lmo Orientation Agency, is another gift to lmo and the 3R Government. He should have also been a SAN if it was to be in the Legal profession or Consultant if it was to be in Medicine. He is an accomplished journalist. A media Executive if you wish to go by that.
  4. Sir Modestus Nwankpa, the Governor’s Senior Special Assistant, SSA, on Media, also grew from the ranks. He has the experience. And has done very well
    He has the discipline too.
  5. Ochiwar, the Governor’s adviser on Public Enlightenment, though l don’t know him as a journalist, but he has acquitted himself well. He has also shown high level of discipline in doing the work. He has learnt very fast . He understands his job schedule and has been living upto expectation. He has shown class.

However, there are few elements whose appointments have nothing to do with the governor’s media outings, but have forced themselves in. They are the ones always rampaging and doing their cut and join, all in the name of writing for the lmo Governor.

They have abandoned their own jobs and be blackmailing the governor and his government with their own ideas of what media work should be. They have been doing it to the best of their knowledge.


They do not know what constitutes fair comments or outright attacks on the governor or his government. They are not the same. Experienced media persons can’t be reacting to fair comments on the governor or his government. Or, sincere/ objective write-ups or analyses involving the governor or his government.

On Monday, March 27, 2023, l did an Essay with the title, ” IMO ASSEMBLY ELECTION: YOUR EXCELLENCY, REFUSE TO BE A STRONG OR POWERFUL GOVERNOR”.

ln the work , l took up lmo PDP and its leaders with regard to the March 18 House of Assembly election . l was also sincerely hard on lmo Labour Party and its leaders. The essence was not to lower their respective antenna or steam. But to provoke them into action, because l have remained a lover of lively opposition. And l am happy that most of them called or “inboxed” me to appreciate my little effort .

ln the same project and like the caption entailed, l tried to elicit or provoke the governor into sober reflection, because nobody is all knowing or an embodiment of knowledge. Or reservoir of knowledge.

In response to that innocent article, one of the Governor’s “unknown media handlers”, accused me of calling the governor ” bull, James Bond and Van Dame”. He could not understand the simple analogies. He could not understand that l was painting a picture. That’s what we are talking about. And very worrisome.

Another embarrassing element who has abandoned his documentation job and be playing front seat role in the Governor’s media circle, answering Ogubundu Nwadike took to abuses in his own reaction or rejoinder.
He twisted all l wrote, or turned them ” upside down”, because no one gives what he does not have.

l don’t read his trashes because he has become an embarrassment to the public and to the government. Just a nuisance. If there was any part or portion of my work he felt was not good , did he need to abuse me before reacting to that?. I think he has the feeling that he must attack to give the impression that he is working. But working and giving the impression that the 3R Government is an aggressive one.

Sam Onwuemedo and Ogubundu Nwadike

And this is an element that, in all his life into , he has never worked anywhere. He has never carried file or tool. He has never received query anywhere which is part of the training. He has never attended interview anywhere. All of a sudden he saw himself in lmo PDP and after, in the 3R government and he has been damaging what he was brought to help and build.

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The only story about him in public domain was his pool forcasting business in his Village. Giving people likely pool numbers to play for a token , perming 3 from 4. At times he would give people 6 numbers and only one would play. And beside the pool enclave , you have gogoro and kiakia shop. And looking at him, even as we write, you still the scars or the effects of all those substances.

He has no business with the media. Nwankpa wanted to help him come out from the village, he came and did something l wouldn’t like to mention here now.

The other time, under the influence of alcohol, he called me quack
And to expose him, l came up with part of my story in the journalism career with hard proofs. l wanted to drag him out and finally expose him as a man with no character and pedigree . He recoiled. He ran away.

When lmo PDP gave him appointment, he came up with a very lengthy CV, and in the document not even one valid claim. When the 3R government gave him its own appointment he came up with a different story. l drew his attention to what he released when PDP gave him appointment. He deleted it . The guy lacks the needed character and discipline to get close to a governor’s media business. He sees it as an agbero thing.

No professional journalist would start a write-up with abuses or insults because it’s scaring. lt’s discouraging.

He does not also see anything wrong in telling lies for public consumption. The man is nauseating. Very irritating. I only did History at Mbaise Secondary school and l had it A3. Not at NCE, or Degree or Masters level. l don’t want to be wasting my time talking about this specie with no pedigree. No valid claim to make at his age. Look at the picture he posted few days ago, you discover that the 3Rgovernment still need to rehabilitate him fully. Much work needs to be done . The ” erosion sites” are still all over him. They need to be filled .

And he is always talking about appointment because for him , that’s the summary of his life. So he looks at other people from that perspective.

Those who know me would attest that l had married, raised up Children , did other things, as a journalist and not with political appointment. Whatever l have gotten with political appointment is just an addendum. Additional favour from GOD. Political appointment does not move me. I am Senator Rochas Okorocha’s Special Adviser on media. But l have been in Owerri doing my journalism practice. l have not been to Abuja since we left office in 2019.

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I live my life with the fear of God. l live a life of contentment. l don’t complain in life. And what l do not have does not ” hungry me”. l can always manage my life with whatever God has made available for me. l was born in Assemblies of God church and l grew up with rich understanding about life. Since 2019 we left office, l have never been to Government House . l have never been to any government office. l am not in enemity with Governor Uzodinma or his government or anybody in his government. But l live a well tailored life. What we are saying might sound Greek to this element in question. He should help the government he is part of. He has done a lot of damage to the government and unknown to him.

l was Okorocha’s CPS. They have not been able to lift any of my previous press Statements or media products on any issue to contradict me. When they lift any , they would see maturity, experience, wisdom and God endowed knowledge, they would back out. I was incharge . l never responded to fair comments or criticisms against Okorocha or his government. We only responded to serious issues and the essence was to correct the wrong impressions. l stand to be contradicted.

They are the ones creating the impression that l hate Uzodinma and his government. The same thing they did when they were with lhedioha and let me into the temptation of fighting my beloved brother to finish. That’s what they also want to do this time. l am a journalist. And l practice it with the fear of God. I stand to be challenged.

Thank you.

Sam Onwuemeodo writes from Owerri Imo state.

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