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Fellow Nigerians, comrades and ambassadors, I have concluded my consultation and am in the position to take over power from President Muhammadu Buhari come 2023.

I wish to inform the general public that I want to be the successor of the present president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria come 2023 to help us stop the failure of bad governance in Nigeria since 1999 to date.

This bad governance has almost dragged this country into another civil war raising from the Northern Nigeria, Western Nigeria and even Eastern Nigeria we are almost at death points and our lives and properties is no longer safe from this old politicians’ era, they are now regular attacks day and night of a large population of over 200 terrorists with no one in custody.

Though it is not my life-long ambition, it has become imperative that to rescue Nigeria, we need someone to build on the failure of the achievements of all past administrations to set up a new era foundation for the younger generation era and end in totality the old politicians’ era.

I have looked around; I do not see anyone better suited to carry on that solemn assignment than my humble self because I am the one in a position to secure back peace, unity and progress of our country Nigeria and am physically and spiritually ready to take over power from President Buhari come 2023 and I am in touch with all critical stakeholders of young generation leaders youths Leaders students Leaders and Women Leaders both at Home and in Diaspora.

Hence I am the best person capable to face the battle without being ready to negotiate or compromised/ sellout as we will only be ready to bid as the old politicians give room for us Younger Generation to take over the office.


I took this bold step after a wide-ranging consultation with Nigerians of various ethnic, religious, and economic hues. I listened to market women and men, I sat down with the young and old stakeholders, I heard from students and intellectuals, I broke bread with the unemployed and the underemployed young men and women, I accepted the counsel of traditional rulers and kingmakers across Nigeria, and more importantly, I weighed in the opinion of my wife and families. All the signals that I got were positive.

Unlike all those who want to rule you as their subjects to continue in the failures, I offer myself to serve our great country, Nigeria, with utmost humility. Growing up in Lagos AJ city Alaba Suru the poorest locality in Lagos, I did not know that I would be here today seeking for all poor masses to support the youth Mandate of poor masses.

The Nigeria government is run without any masterplan all we see is a failure as the worldwide economic downturn, COVID-19 pandemic, and decades of lack of investments in Nigerian infrastructure have blurred what all the past government has achieved because the only thing our leaders in Nigeria knows best to do is looting and recycling of all old politician to continue on the corruption they have crippled our national integrity to the global community.

But trust me, am coming to end all this old era and yes am ready to go for the war and even come out with victory since am ready both physically and spiritually am capable to deliver what over 200 millions of Nigerians seek for the year to years since 1999 of our democratic era to date.

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This includes ending the corruption, insecurity hardship with poverty that has turned our country into the no 6 worlds most terrorist country and poverty that has placed Nigeria as the Global Poverty Nation on Earth even with all the natural resources our country is blessed with yet Northern Nigeria, Western Nigeria and Eastern Nigeria continue to be bleeding.

I will take Nigeria to a new height most importantly in things that matter most, values and sincere leadership shall be my top priority.

My fellow Nigerians, trust me when I say that no matter how dark it looks, we are on the right path with me in the front as the next President to take over from President Buhari which serve as the end of the old politicians’ era and beginning of younger generation era to fulfil President Buhari words in 2018 when he signed the Not Too Young to Run Bill and ask we young generation leaders to wait for 2023 to take over power from him.

The Nigeria of 1999 till date reasons an active erosion site, swallowing homes, roads, and farmlands. Looting, diverting of public funds, corruption, insecurity, unemployment and underdevelopment has divided our country to the point that we are now running a government that has no control over the citizens.

I seek the presidency to begin a new era of the projects, to end bad governance and the old political system which is to fill up the gullies, recover our once lost land and begin reconstruction.

In my time as president, you will see mansions rising in our fatherland once overrun by ugly gullies, our young generation will work to rebuild our nation from all parts of the nation we will end unemployment and underdevelopment using the funds been looted to create jobs, employments and empowerments among the millions of our young generation.

The young generation has been stranded after studying as graduates yet there’s no employment from the government year to years all thousands are now languishing in bet houses, POS stands, motorcycle drivers, car drivers, hotel cleaners and sales boys and girls in the street after graduation in the university.

I have looked around the field of those aspiring to become president from the old politicians and none of them has what it takes to bring about a new Nigeria of millions of poor masses’ dreams.

This is not the time to bring in people who were there when the corpse was buried and have them start digging from the legs but is time to bring in fresh people to start a new era for the younger generation to allow the dead to rest in peace and start to rebuild Nigeria with different system and do away the old corruption, insecurity and underdevelopment system of our old politicians era.

As we all know, 99% of our old politicians are born corrupt.

They have corruption swimming all around them. I am pride and proud of younger generation leaders in Nigeria clothed in a gown of integrity honesty sincerity and transparency.

I never have and will never steal from the Nigerian people rather i will use the last cup of my blood to bring back smile to the faces of over 210 million poor masses of Nigeria painfully hot by the government because of bad governance corruption insecurity and looting. Those who steal are greedy. Period.


They never change. Please do not believe them when they say they are born-again nothing good can come out of any old politicians that have served in Nigeria’s government system in any capacity since 1999 to date all they understand and know best to do is to loot and diverting of public funds for personal use.

I want Nigeria that will be great, prosperous, progressive and united. Equity, Justice, fairness and Equal Rights is the key to the United States of Nigeria which are very close to my heart.

I have never cheated. We are where we are as a nation because we have allowed our leaders to cheat and steal their ways to what we call success.

I made myself what I am today by converting challenges into opportunities. That is the philosophy that I will bring to my presidency. I will deploy this philosophy to lure back our compatriots who have lost faith in the Nigerian project. They will give Nigeria a second chance when they see my sincerity of purpose as a young man of 41 year’s committed to a new era where the country will work with vibrant and active young men and women already surrendered me in the NYDP/ Youth Takeover Leadership in Nigeria Mass Movement and all mass movement associated with youths for a new era as I already call on all stakeholders to join on my mandate since on youth mandate we must stand for a new era where corruption insecurity and underdevelopment will be a story of the past.
I understand the internal factors dragging down the economy of Nigeria. I have the foreign and nationwide connections that I need to speed up the economic renaissance of our nation. When it comes to security concerns, I will take decisive actions to quell the lingering security problems across Nigeria. As someone close to the beaming youth of this nation, I know how to inspire them to deploy their restless energy into productive ventures. I have done it on tiny scales in line with my limited portfolio outside government as Global Director General of the Nigeria Youth Headquarters NYCSRF & President General Coalition of All Young Candidates and Youth Leaders in Nigeria and Diaspora . As president, we stakeholder will multiply our effort in millions fold to see that the story within 4 years of my administration will end forever the old politicians era in history of Nigeria leadership.
Those who know me well will tell you that I am like water. I have no enemy. I will carry every part of the country along in the journey of Nigeria’s emancipation. Yes, that is what Hon Vincent Anthony Ubani stands for – total and final emancipation of Nigeria from old politicians era of looting, corruption insecurity and underdevelopment injustice and lack of equity. We are all children of God, and the God that I serve does not discriminate. I firmly believe that what is good for the rich must be extended to the children of the lowest citizen of our country poor masses but the rich has made us the poor masses to leave in poverty and hardships high painful death toll in our country crested out of poverty, hardships, insecurity, corruption in our hospitals, schools, MDAs etc.

I believe now is the time to reverse this current system where we leave a great majority of our people to wait for crumbs to trickle down to them from the table of the rich and mighty. When I am president, I will ensure that the least amongst us have the first choice before the mighty.

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Having worked with young generation leaders male and female entrepreneurs I know their potential in them. I will not let that potential go to waste anymore because of the old politicians as my era used this potential in our young generation of leaders to build a new progressive nation that will stand the likes of the United Kingdom.

I know most of you are waiting to know how I will be able to challenge the likes of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Atiku Abubakar, Peter Obi etc, I want us all to know that the situation is alarming and in matters of the fate of 210 million Nigerians poor masses, we cannot afford to let emotions for money bags rule us.

The situation of Nigeria today is so critical that bandits Boko Haram etc have almost taken over power in the capital city Kaduna is already overtaken by terrorists.

We need a healthy, vibrant, and untainted leader to handle the situation, now that we still can come 2023 so no amount of the money these old politicians can spray into the society that should turn the mass on the part to mobilize among themselves to raise the temperature to produce the new era they deserve and seek for.

We have no room to play around anymore. We have no space for people who will continue the failed system which they claim they have experienced but all they are good at is stealing and looting nothing more. We have no patience for those carrying a truckload of toxic baggage.

The urgency of our situation is palpable and only a new era can give us results come 2023 am sure under my 100 days in office the terrorist in Nigeria will start looking for nearby countries to run to because I shall use the anger of thousands of innocent blood already killed in the North and South by them to raise dust upon them by fire by force I will within the 50 days in office empower our nation security manpower as each LGAs in Nigeria will have a special young force of 1000 young men and women to take over the security territories of each LGA.

This will make us have 1000×774 LGAs on a primary assignment to protect the lives and properties of every Nigerian citizen which is the top priority of every well meaning government rather than this stealing of public funds that our old politicians have been running since 1999 to date.

For this and other reasons, I offer myself to serve our great nation by declaring my interest in running for president. It will be the greatest honour of my life to serve you all and is not only about me to serve you but the younger generation of leaders from the youth constituencies within the Federation to serve their fatherland as leaders of today and for a fresh new era, not the same old politician’s era where the same people in PDP government are moved into APC government running what they know better to do which is corruption and stealing.

May God bless us all. And may God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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